Laceez, the new shoe strings that keeps your shoes tied!!


Are you tired of tripping over your shoe strings? Do you find yourself tying up the kids shoe strings everyday or seeing them run around with them loose. How about getting frustrated when trying to teach your child how to tie his shoes. Well move over you’re not the only parent who has dealt with shoe string issues.

Now things have gotten much better with the new innovative product called Laceez. Now you can remove all shoe strings and replace them with the Laceez strings. When I say this is a good idea, it really is! Let me inform you as to how Laceez will help make a difference in the way you lace up your shoes.


Laceez Laces Easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Remove those old, regular, extra long shoestrings.
  2. Lace-up your new Laceez as you would with a regular shoelace.
  3. Insert our patent-pending aglets (yes, the tip of a shoelace is called an aglet) into the top holes of your shoe, and presto!

No need to worry about those pesky strings dragging everywhere. There’s so many benefits to using Laceez strings, no more headaches trying to teach your kids to learn to tie their shoes, the Laceez strings stay in place, they’re snug and comfortable, Laceez are simple to install, available in many colors and offer us parents a piece of mind when it comes to our kids shoes being untied!

So the next time you look down at your kid’s feet and you see those loose untied strings dangling take a moment to visit Laceez website so you can order your set and leave the shoe tying worries behind. You can also find out what local retailer carries Laceez too.



Here is more about the Laceez Company: We started Laceez in 2013 to be a classic solution to a common problem: Make every shoe a slip-on, and look much better on your feet at the same time. We put together some prototypes, sought out some of the highest quality (and custom) elastic we could find, and began testing. Once we saw that it really worked, it was all in. Read more here! Laceez has been generous enough to offer Mom Blog Society readers 15% off these cool Laceez using the code Momblog15 


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