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In the last few years, Korean brands have seen a sudden rise in popularity, storming the international makeup scene with various highly-praised products. One of the best beauty care products to come out of this phenomenon is arguably the Korean foundation. What sets Korean makeup products apart from their Western competitors is their simplicity and lightness, and the fact that they offer the same amount of coverage. If you are looking for a light, but at the same time bold look, look no further than the products that we will be featuring over the course of this article. Here is how to find the best Korean foundation beauty products.

Korean Makeup Vs. Western Makeup

Before delving into the best Korean foundations available on the market, we should discuss what elements separate these two schools of beauty care – Western vs. Korean. The first, and probably the most dramatic, difference is related to eyebrow styles. While boy brows are becoming increasingly popular in America, with straight lines and arched angles, Korean women prefer straight, thicker brows with a slight arch.

Further on, there are also differences when it comes to eyeshadow. Western eyeshadow styles consist of darker shades on the outer corner of the eyes, and lighter shades in the tear duct, while Korean women apply sheer shades on the lid in order to achieve cat-eyes, with liquid liners under the lower lash lines.

But the biggest difference, probably even more evident that the brows, is related to the foundation products. Korean foundations are more cushioned, lighter in aspect and weight, with dewy textures and finishes and full coverage, while Western foundation products tend to be heavier and provide medium coverage.

Now that we have covered a few basic differences let us talk about the products themselves. Below, you will find a list of the best Korean foundation products, together with descriptions. This is just a small number out of the many variants you can find on the market, so if you want mare options, you can always check https://beautyessential.net/best-korean-brand-foundation/ for equally viable alternatives.

Tony Moly Facetone Skin Tint

The Tony Moly Facetone Skin Tint is perfect during one of those days when you do not feel like putting on any heavy makeup. This particular foundation type is lighter than its western counterparts and will provide your skin with a subtle, but long-lasting shine. Furthermore, it contains a wide variety of beneficial ingredients, from rose balsam, niacinamide, to rose hip, grapeseed oil,andsea berry, which all contribute to a soothing blend that will hydrate your skin as soon as you put it on.

IOPE Perfect Skin Foundation

IOPE, one of the most reputable Korean cosmetics brands, came forward with the appropriately titled IOPE Perfect Skin Foundation. If you are the type of person who likes their foundation products to be in the form of powder, rather than cream, then this will probably be the right fit for you. Thanks to the formula that this foundation is based on, the IOPE perfect skin will not only last the entire day but will also potently cover any skin discolorations on your face.

OHUI Ultimate Cover CC Cushion Foundation

If you have a light skin tone and want to enhance it even further, then the Ohui will surely provide some additional light to your skin. Sold in a compact version, easily carriable, this particular brand of cushion powder will provide full coverage which will hide any signs of acne scars, blemishes or slight skin discolorations. With an SPF of over 50, it is extremely light and is capable of lasting for the entire day. Although it might be a little too expensive for some people, its top quality, as well as the other features we have presented above, will more than makeup for the extra money you will spend on it.

Hera Vital Lifting Foundation

The final Korean foundation product that we will cover in this article is the Hera Vital. This brand comes in a smooth, and creamy liquid form, that is suitable for all skin types, whether it is dry, oily or combination. This product is sold in a handsome 30 ml bottle that can be easily fitted into a bag. Just a small drop of this formula is enough to cover your entire face.


Korean foundation products are a great option for people who are looking for an alternative to the traditional Western makeup cosmetics. If you want a dewy foundation product that offers full coverage without being excessively heavy, make sure to check out the brands that we have presented throughout this article,and you will surely find something to your liking.

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