3 Beauty Principles For Buying Larger Lingerie


Remember how hard it used to be to find decent, high-end designer lingerie (and even regular everyday clothes) higher than a size 14? Wasn’t it frustrating to wear a top that made you look like a tent? It’s no secret we live in a world dominated by skinny women. You undoubtedly remember how, less than a decade ago, the fashion industry put twig-skinny women on a pedestal and society followed. Being a plus size woman in the past was a serious struggle that many people swept under the rug. “Just lose weight” seemed to be the slogan for a lot of us.

Then something miraculous happened. The fashion world—as well as the real world—seemingly changed their feelings overnight. With your permission, I’d like to share several principles for you for choosing the right “plus size” lingerie that will make your guy or gal faint.

1. Brands and Sizes

Spicy Lingerie is one of the top lines that has sizes up to 28 for women who prefer trendy styles in addition to plus size lingerie; while Universal Standard is perfect for you if you’re a savant for chic styles. while Universal Standard is perfect for you if you’re a savant for chic styles. All these lines (and more, trust me) don’t differentiate their pieces—arguably designed by the finest, high-end designers)—by size. There are a few “straight-size” brands that make select pieces all the way up to 16. These brands are Burberry, Max Mara and Rosie Assoulin.

2. Update Your Closet With Accessories

Whether you’re buying clothes for public eyes or lingerie that makes your sweetie sizzle, chokers and shoulder-grazing earrings will definitely “amp up” the effect you’re going for. This is because accessories (like midi heels) can make an already tantalising lingerie piece look even more pristine. You never truly know what you’ll find unless you explore outside the box!

3. Why You Should Make Your Own

Despite what vogue stylists and fashionistas say about what curvy women should wear (and what we look good in), their “advice” and rules do not define us. It’s our bodies, and nobody except us can tell us what we do and do not look good in – especially if what we wear makes us feel good.

That’s why I suggest making your own fashion statement by designing and creating your own clothes. Nobody else knows our bodies the way we do, and if no other choices exist on stores’ clothing racks, there’s no reason why you can’t learn how to make your own clothes in a weekend. Plus, you’ll feel more proud of yourself for making something special and lip-bitingly sultry that isn’t the design of a global-wide fashion company; a design that most likely hundreds of thousands of women are also wearing. This makes your lingerie your lingerie.  


Society has come a long way in a short amount of time. Growing up as a thicker child, I’ve been told that girls (and boys, for that matter) must fit within certain criteria to be socially acceptable. I’m sure you’ve been molded and instructed to look this way or that way in the past, as well. As we talked about earlier, society’s progressing when it comes to the various weights of people all across the world. From being a bigger size to a smaller size, nobody else’s judgments dictate how we feel about ourselves and the skin we’re in. I hope you’ll consider buying fashion pieces that reflect how you feel about yourself now that the stigma about “plus size women” is slowly dying away. (Sports Illustrated cover model Ashley Graham undoubtedly played a huge part in that.)

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