Key Trends in Interior Designs For 2023 Bring Back Personal Touches, Bold Choices


As more people spend more time at home, it has forced a new perspective on living spaces. Trends come and go, from shag carpets to textured wallpaper to white kitchens. But the designs of 2023 represent more playful trends and personalized spaces in homes. It can be bright, bold, and colorful, or layered, textured surfaces. These are the ideas that Los Angeles interior designers are appreciating as they take hold in-home spaces across the country, promising to please for years to come.

Natural Materials and Nature’s Best

Ask any interior designer Los Angeles-based how they feel about natural materials inside, and you are likely to see them light up. It is as simple as pine wood accenting a room on a wall or incorporating other natural materials, like stone and plants, in other areas. This offers a natural texture and something that is a bit unexpected after an era of clean, simple lines inside. 

A Hint of Wallpaper

It’s not like the 1970s when wallpaper walls consumed nearly every home interior. But wallpaper is emerging again, in tasteful touches in powder rooms. The idea is expected to grow even more in 2023, as people look to create more peace and tranquility in spaces inside their homes. The room’s small space offers an exceptional canvas to explore ideas with patterns and colors that would not necessarily work in large areas. In such small places, big, bold statements of style come through like a jewel tucked away inside your home.

Personal Touches Throughout

As the concept of minimalism in design fades after its surge in post-pandemic expression, many homeowners are turning to more personalized touches throughout their interior. These spaces feature personal items, layers and texture, unique art, and a combination of new and old furnishings. This helps create warmth, depth, and character in any home, and adds a personal touch to interior spaces.

Texture Throughout

There are few trends in 2023 that are bolder than the use of texture in home design. Plaster, specifically a plaster range hood in the kitchen, is one of the hottest ideas. The idea is to deepen the interior space with texture throughout, a trend that began in 2022 with plaster and lime wash surfacing. These textures go a long way in creating a significant visual impact in any space.

Self-Care at Home

A continuation of a trend that started in 2020 during global shutdowns, more homeowners are creating self-care, or wellness, rooms inside. This is not a home gym, but a serene place with spa-like qualities that help relax and soothe after any type of day. These are comfortable and chic, maybe even with a touch of extravagance. With more people staying home to work, they must find a way to juxtapose job stress with relaxation. And no need to leave the house for that either. Dark colors, rich trims and soothing lighting help create a secret getaway that is sure to please anyone. It’s perfect for yoga, meditation, and exercise. 

Quality Over Cost

As more consumers focus on environmentally friendly products, more thought is being given in 2023 to sustainable designs that won’t end up in a landfill in several years. Instead, the trend is toward rejecting the inexpensive for longevity, perhaps a more expensive piece of furniture or antiques that never go out of style. It’s less about asking how much it is, and more about asking where it’s made. Furniture is seen as an investment in this trend, with consumers seeking quality products over cost.

Separate Dining Spaces 

With open floor plans dominating interior design for the last few years, some designers believe a dedicated dining space is coming back in style. This doesn’t mean that you need a separate, formal dining room carved out of your current floor plan. But it does mean that more people are craving an intimate gathering place for dining in their homes now. There are plenty of creative ways to design more intimate spaces, corners, and nooks for dining that don’t have to conflict with your home’s open floor plan.

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