Factors to Consider When Buying Pre-Mixed Cocktails


Crafting a custom cocktail is usually simple. However, sometimes you crave a specially made cocktail but are not in the mood to muddle herbs to make one, and all you can do is get a pre-mixed cocktail from a bar. This guide outlines the factors you must consider to get the best cocktail.


The type of ingredients used to craft a cocktail should be your number one consideration when buying a cocktail. Ensure you stick to all-natural cocktails like Pornstar Martini, which contain zero toxins and additives. 

Keep off from cocktail varieties containing artificial ingredients as they contain toxic additives like colors and sweeteners.

Type of Liqueur Used

There are numerous types of liqueurs that mixologists can use in making cocktails, and the truth is that you may not fall in love with all of them. That said, it’s good to check whether the one used in your cocktail is something you love. 

One way to achieve this is to present the bartender with a list of the favorite liqueurs you wish to find in your cocktail. If you can’t find a cocktail with your favorite spirit, then any professional bartender should suggest the best alternatives for them.

The Alcohol By Volume (ABV) Content

When buying a pre-mixed cocktail, check for its alcohol volume on the bottle label to ensure it delivers the desired effect. Avoid any bottle with zero alcohol volume and go for the ones with the desired alcohol volume.

Be bold enough to ask about the alcohol volume if the mixologists haven’t indicated it on the bottle label. 

Reliability of the Brand

Buying from brands that produce signature cocktails is one effective way to ensure you always get the best cocktails. Avoid cocktails from new brands unless you know their ingredients and the production processes. 

If you are buying cocktails for the first time, you can ask your friends to recommend the best cocktail brands. 

The Price

The price of a cocktail can signal you about its quality. A pricey cocktail may imply that mixologists invested heavily in quality ingredients, production, and packaging. On the other hand, a low price may imply that the cocktail was cheaply produced. 

However, the above assumptions may not always hold, as some producers may use them to sell poorly produced cocktails at a high price. That is why you should buy fairly-priced or highly-priced cocktails from renowned brands.

Expiration Date

Cocktails, especially the ones containing muddled herbs and fruits, can go bad shortly after production. Also, mixing drinks like alcohol with other beverages or juices may compromise their chemical structure and shelf life. 

That said, it’s always safe to check the expiration date to avoid risking your health or that of your household members. If you use a pre-mixed cocktail for the first time, you can always locate the expiration date on the packaging. If you can’t find it, don’t hesitate to ask someone in the liquor store about it.


Pre-mixed cocktails feature different calorie levels. Some are high, while others are low in calories. Your choice of either of these cocktails depends on your health goals. 

In case you don’t know, high-calorie cocktails include cocktails high in glucose. Examples include calories-containing liquors like beer, ever clear, schnapps, cognac, Bacardi 151, and other sugary ingredients. They risk you of weight gain and the related effects

On the other hand, low-calorie cocktails like Pornstar Martini are low in glucose. Additionally, most of them feature distilled liquors like vodka, whiskey, dry gin, etc. Low-calorie cocktails help people stay in the wake of their health as they unwind.

Final Words

Now that you understand the essential factors to consider when buying a pre-mixed cocktail, it’s time to get out and get one. Be sure to factor in them and follow all the tips to unveil your way to refreshment.

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