5 Benefits of Having Fresh Flowers in Your Home


What do Valentine’s Day, birthdays, first dates, and weddings have in common? Flowers are often associated with special occasions and romantic firsts, but the benefits of fresh flowers go so much further than their symbolic appeal

Anyone can enjoy the presence of flowers in their living space, regardless of gender or age. From nursing homes to nurseries, fresh flowers are a wonderful adornment to any room. Fresh flower arrangements boost visual interest and create a sophisticated look for any home.

Beyond sprucing up the home, flowers can have physical, mental, and emotional benefits for the people in your home. These research-backed benefits may surprise and delight you. 

Flowers Relax the Body and Mind

Researchers have found that the presence of roses in office spaces may help to boost mood and aid in relaxation. It is already well documented that enjoying nature lowers stress and improves mood. Sadly, many of us do not have enough access to natural spaces.

Keeping botanicals in the home bridges the gap between modern life and our need to be near nature. Having fresh flowers in the home interacts positively with our brains to promote mental wellness

To best reap these benefits, select fresh flowers of a style that evokes joy when you see them. Whether that means bright colors or a sophisticated aesthetic to complement your interior decor, pick flowers that make you smile.

And what pairs better with the appeal of fresh flowers – a treat for the eyes – than fresh fruit, a treat for the tongue? With FruitFlowers® from Edible Arrangements®, you get both: a gorgeous bouquet of flowers plus a box of decadent chocolate-covered strawberries or assorted chocolate-covered fruits to please your senses. You deserve the extra indulgence. 

The Sight of Flowers Boosts Healing

Studies in medical environments suggest that ornamental flowers have powerful healing effects on patients.

Patients recovering from surgery in rooms with plants experienced many improvements compared to their counterparts in rooms without plants. The presence of flowers seemed to lower blood pressure, fatigue, and anxiety in postoperative patients

Not only that, but these patients also reported liking their rooms much more. Having fresh flowers in the home may help you to view your home in a more positive light. Much like lighting a new candle or hanging a piece of art, fresh flowers can be a way to reinvigorate a space that may be starting to feel all too familiar. 

Flowers Make Us More Social

Scientists have wondered for decades why humans have cultivated flowers for so much of human history. Flowers take up valuable resources that could be used for producing more food, and yet humanity has often prioritized beauty over utility.

While it’s difficult to prove exactly why we adore these beautiful plants so much, researchers have shown that the presence of flowers makes people more social with one another. People exposed to flowers are more likely to have pleasant chats with strangers than those in spaces without flowers

Some psychologists think that simply seeing flowers is more important than the flower’s effects. Seeing or being in the presence of fresh flowers may boost social behavior and mood for several days

Sometimes people hesitate to purchase fresh flower bouquets out of fear of their inevitable wilting. Rest assured, the benefits of having fresh flowers in your home extend far beyond the plants’ lifespan. If you’re skeptical, try purchasing a bunch and see how your mood improves. 

Fresh Flowers Ease Attention Fatigue

Many afternoons find workers rubbing their eyes and backs and wondering how much longer they’ll have to pretend to be productive until they can go home and recharge. Attention fatigue is an exhausting phenomenon to experience and try to push through

Emerging evidence shows that exposure to nature, including fresh flowers, can help reduce attention fatigue. Having fresh flowers in the home can help you stay focused longer.

Smelling Fresh Flowers Boosts Sleep Wellness

Researchers believe having calming flowers like lavender in the bedroom can help improve sleep. College students exposed to the scent of lavender oil while they slept have reported deeper, more restful sleep than their flowerless counterparts. 

If you’ve ever had chamomile tea, you know how the smell of flowers can help your shoulders drop and make your teeth unclench. The presence of fresh flowers is as powerful, if not more powerful, than these shelf-stable options. They also provide visual appeal. 

Choosing a Fresh Flower Arrangement 

Whether you have a loved one whose life you want to inject with some color and joy, or if you require a pick-me-up, fruit, flowers, plants, and other delightful sights and tastes can brighten your mood, your room, and your outlook.

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1 month ago

I adore the way flowers look and smell. The fresh flowers are stunning.