Don’t Ask Why Mothers are the Best Chefs in the World


Moms are the best chefs and nobody can argue with that. There may be rankers from different cooking competition shows, but none of them can really beat mom’s cooking and kitchen hacks that everyone in the family enjoys. That’s because…

Moms need not read and memorize a recipe from a cookbook or watch a video of cooking DIYs from YouTube, but simply cook a dish that she knows her family loves. Don’t even bother to ask about the grams of salt and pepper she seasons her pesto pasta with because she’s smart enough to know how much to use from memory and by taste

Mothers are an all-time master chef, not just for a season. Regardless how she does it — breast or bottle feed, with a nanny or by herself — mom has been constantly feeding you since your day one here on Earth. She didn’t follow a specific time frame on when to prepare your porridge or milk, but her motherly instincts, synchronized with your loud cries, served as her alarm. 

There are also moms who don’t cook. Well, maybe some mommies aren’t just as efficient, and some are too busy to get home early and prep a meal for the family, but these type of moms can definitely work out some healthy dinner hacks for you:

  • Mom can get some premade rotisserie chicken and salad from a local grocer, and leftover chicken would be perfect for a chicken sandwich on busy weekdays.
  • Just bacon and eggs, slices of whole grain bread, some cheese and tomatoes, and avocados on the side is a well-balanced and delicious meal that the family can enjoy for both dinner or breakfast.
  • Non-cooking moms probably make the best paninis — slices of whole grain bread slathered with butter with some mozzarella cheese, fresh spinach, peppers, or whatever ingredient is available in the fridge.
  • Instead of cooking veggies, mom roasts them. Chopped veggies are thrown in a pan with oil and some salt and she can leave them in the oven to cook for dinner.
  • Sweet potato hash may not be that easy to prepare compared to paninis and roasted veggies, but it’s still one of mom’s favorites. She just peels and cubes potatoes, melts some butter into a medium heated skillet, adds some cinnamon and sugar on it without even measuring any of the ingredients, and cooks them until the edges are crisp and brown.
  • And when kids crave for Mexican dishes, mom can easily get Mexican tacos or burritos delivered right on time for lunch or dinner.

Mothers aren’t just the best chefs and kitchen hack champions, but home leaders who lead their children by example.

Alex Guarnaschelli, Executive Chef of NYC’s Butter, credits her mom for realizing the importance of using the right ingredient, in the right form at the right moment.

Moreso, mothers are an inspiration even to the famous chefs in the world.

Dave Martin, Top Chef Season 1 Finalist said he grew up learning to cook at his mother’s side, and that even after all of the French training and various culinary exploits, he’s still deeply influenced by the flavors of home.

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