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Did we get over the flashy yellow chunks of metal carved beautifully over simplistic plain nonlustrous jewelry pieces? Well, they say Yellow metal never loses its charm, grace, and elegance; It only changes its forms. Over the years Yellow gold is transformed into white gold and Rose gold which are nothing but varying combinations of alloys mixed with yellow gold. They are subtle in their color and hence are preferred by millennials, working women and teenagers. They also come in different weights and karats making them ideal as lightweight Jewellery.

However, every girl leaves the poise of this lightweight Jewellery in the backseat during their wedding time. Every Bride looks for Jewellery that matches her attire, Jewellery which is long-lasting, Jewellery pieces that are timeless beauties which can be passed over to future generations and jewelry that is in vogue.

Must-Have Wedding Jewellery Pieces

 Antique is the new fad, it is one must have item in a brides trousseau. One can explore antique gold jewelry online; there are a number of designs to choose from. Once you zero down a design you can order them or custom make as per your choice. There are a number of e-commerce aggregators and Jewellers who are present online and as well have their Jewellery stores. One such well-established Jeweller is Vaibhav Jewellers Vizag. They have 11 stores across Coastal Andhra and Telangana combined and cater to a large customer base with varying tastes and preferences.

Antique Items

 Antique items have gained popularity in recent times. The oxidized coating on these items gives them the sort after antiquity to them. Rather a wegere one can say they are antique by their make and not by age. However, they carry the glamour of age very aptly and hence the demand for antique jewelry. As a bride to be one can think of an array of antique items to buy from. Few of the options are antique Harams, antique necklace, antique bangles, antique vaddanam etc. All antique jewelry highlights the design aesthetics of temples, scriptures, drawings, ancient carvings etc. They remain us the beauty of a bygone era.

Antique jewelry also comes in combination with gemstones making it a brilliant combination. These items go well with Kanjeevaram sarees and other traditional attires. A bride is sure to be swept off her feet by the grace of these items.

Plain Gold harams

A bride to be can match an antique vaddanam with plain gold haram, this way the grandeur of the antique vaddanam can be brought out. Like antique Jewellery, one can find hundreds of gold haram designs with prices online. They also come in a combination of CZs and other precious gemstones; they come in varying lengths helping us to predetermine the attire that would go well with them. They are also pocket-friendly and can be easily matched with every attire.

Jewelry shopping has now become easy with the advent of online Platform services. It is easy to compare prices, designs and other additional aspects of jewelry purchase while shopping online. It is also a privilege our elders didn’t enjoy, i.e. to sit right at the comfort of our home and view hundreds of designs across the world. A bride with unending shopping list can now exploit this option to a full extent.

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