What to Look for in a Housekeeper


Hiring a housekeeper can be a tricky task. But between work and personal life, many families are feeling time crunched and tend to let certain household tasks slip through the cracks. Luckily, hiring a regular cleaner can really keep your house running smoothly! Talk to your family and assess your needs before starting your search. Below are key factors every household should think about before hiring a housekeeper.


Cleaners with multiple years of experience are well-equipped to deal with a variety of situations, from deep cleaning a shower to polishing fine dishware.

Some households are more complex than others and may request a more experienced cleaner but some may not mind if their house cleaner is just starting out. First-time housekeepers do not necessarily mean a lower quality of cleaning! More experience does tend to translate to higher rates.

Reasonable Price

Some housekeepers have set hourly rates, while others are more open to negotiation. The question “how much should I pay my housekeeper?” can’t be easily answered. Some hourly rates start at the minimum wage in the area but fees can go up to $80 per hour in the top end! There’s clearly a lot of factors that go into determining a price to pay for a housekeeper. We recommend talking to a number of prospective house cleaners before deciding on one. Finding a cleaner that provides high quality of service for the price you are paying is key! Here are some factors to consider when thinking about price:

  • Area: cleaners in New York, Los Angeles or other metropolitan cities tend to charge higher rates
  • Contract: are you hiring a cleaner for a one-time session or are you looking to have someone long-term? If you can offer a housekeeper a one-year contract they may be willing to lower their fee per cleaning
  • Supplies: will you require your housekeeper to bring their own cleaning supplies and equipment? Or will you provide your own? Cleaners who are willing to bring their own materials tend to cost more.
    • Extra tip: ask yourself if you want your cleaner to use more natural products (e.g. water and vinegar instead of commercial cleaners)
  • Transportation: are you willing to reimburse your cleaner for their transportation?

Type of Services

Not all housekeepers have the know-how or willingness to complete every task you are looking to get done in the house. Determine what tasks you would like your housekeeper to complete and keep these in mind during the initial meet-up or interview process.

It will be essentially assumed by most housekeepers that the following tasks should be completed:

  • Kitchen and bathroom cleaning
  • Taking out the garbage
  • Dishes
  • Laundry and ironing/folding
  • Vacuuming

But you may want to consider some less common services. Cleaners who take on these responsibilities may charge more:

  • Carpet cleaning (shampooing)
  • Pet clean up
  • Exterior cleaning
  • Attic and basement cleaning


If your housekeeper has had previous clients, ask them for 2-3 references. Keep an eye out for mentions of their quality and punctuality. Feel free to conduct a quick call to verify everything as well.

In cases of a longer term contract, it may be a good choice to ask for a background check. Keep in mind the level of trust you must have in a house cleaner!

Let’s Start!

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