Is Homework Harmful or Helpful?


In modern days there are plenty of methods of how a student learns and retains information. Some swear by repetition and practice, while others claim practical and progressive learning is more effective. There has been a long-standing debate about practice and homework; is actually giving homework to students effective? Or is it only a way to motivate and measure progress? This controversial topic isn’t easily solved, there are important factors to consider when deciding when is homework effective and when it isn’t.

Too much homework is bad!

Of course, when students hear “homework” they usually cringe and moan and complain. They believe that their time is better spent sleeping, hanging out with friends, playing video games, or going to sports practice. Studies show that a balance of study and play creates an environment effective for most students to learn, so the time spent doing homework should be equal to leisure and free time.

The life of a child has changed dramatically in recent times, and some are given at least an hour or so of homework per subject to supplement the 7-8 hour school day. Having school 5 times a week, with an average of 7 subjects, assuming there are 3-4 hours of homework a night, the numbers add up to show students spend 60+ a week just in studies! Students drowning in work will make them dislike school altogether which may turn them away from higher education and may cause problems later on in life.

And on top of that, homework includes things like projects and essays, things that can create stress in their lives. Many students resort to copying classmates work, or even going online to find services like Assignment Expert to relieve the stress and help them manage time. There are plenty of ways students try to cope with a heavy workload. So why do people think homework is a good thing?

How does homework help me?

On the other hand, with homework, students learn valuable skills in academia and in life. Time management is a skill necessary for most everyday things like work or class, and students have to carefully plan their days and weekends just to have their assignments completed. Being a responsible student requires good time management just as a responsible adult does. Having homework also opens doors for friends and families; parents can bond with their child by helping them with homework, and peers can study together and create lasting friendships. In a way, homework and studying can also become a social aspect of life for a student.

Students also learn good study habits to prepare themselves for higher education. College and University don’t always have compulsory homework tasks, so it is dependent on the student to understand how to study and how to take notes. But even in University and College, there are students who still don’t have enough time to complete the work. Understanding deadlines and due dates also prepare them for future work situations. They may need help completing tasks and asking for help is a useful skill they may learn as well. Sometimes they turn to other services like Assignment Expert for just a bit of help when they understand they don’t manage their time well.

So, is homework more helpful or harmful?

Everything in moderation. Having homework will give students material to study at home and practice so that the lessons will stick in their minds. But having too much homework will drown them in stress and won’t give any benefit and will actually affect them negatively. Homework becomes effective learning tools when students can do it in a reasonable amount of time and not causing stress.

TIME magazine explains that research by Duke professor Harris Cooper shows that students who have homework and complete it often perform better than those who don’t. It was stronger for older students than younger students. In some cases, homework may be efficient, but not for everyone. It’s important to understand the student and their needs and their habits before determining if homework will work for them.

Plenty of teachers and parents are always trying to approach this problem with an open mind, implementing new rules or new methods of delivering homework. Some suggested limiting the amount of homework or making homework optional for advanced level students to mimic university settings. Other suggested not having homework at all for certain ages, as their focus should be on enjoying childhood.

Homework can be useful if done in the right way. No one learns from drowning in work, and no one learns by sitting idly. A healthy balance of work and play can improve a student’s life significantly through academia and socializing.

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