Traveling with children is always an adventure and you will need all the help you can. Fortunately, Ireland is like a children’s playground with its large open landscapes, rural hotels, and castles.

You may find it difficult to find nannies outside the big cities, so take the kids with you. Most restaurants, attractions and even pubs (during the day) welcome children. The best part of the country for travelers with children is probably Cork and Kerry, where everything seems to be prepared for families.

Ireland is a very small country, similar in size to South Carolina or Maine, which means that in 7days you can cover a large part of our beautiful homeland.

Ireland is only 280 km wide and 486 km long at its extremities. This means that many people visit Ireland from North America as part of a larger European travel that includes the UK and France in general.

We have created this road with Dublin as the starting point for the first day. If you plan to go to Shannon Airport, you can start and turnaround from the fourth day to finish in Shannon in Co Clare. Keep in mind that the easiest way to get around Ireland is driving, while public transport is scarce in some places. If time is an obstacle, it is best to rent a car with one of the suppliers at the airport where you drive and while on the green island. Don’t forget you must have insurance to drive in Ireland. Get cheap car insurance quote and buy online with from AA Ireland.

The national roads in Ireland are very narrow and low compared to North America, which is why we recommend renting at most one mid-range car, do not worry about driving the giant on SUV roads! At the time of writing this article, you can rent a “mid-size” car, such as a Toyota Corolla, which can charge 5 adults for just € 174 / $ 194 for the entire week.

We advise people who are ensuring these companies for the security you can buy for only $ 30 / $ 35 and eliminate the overpayment, the last thing you need is the stress of your trip becomes more expensive Due to a small Bender!


  • Dublin Zoo in Phoenix Park (Dublin, Dublin Country): Children love this zoo of affection with wild creatures, pet corners, and a train ride. The surrounding park offers space for jogging, picnicking and discovery.

  • Irish National Heritage Park (Ferrycarrig, County Wexford): Thousands of years of history are effortlessly educational for children and adults in this beautiful museum of “living history”. It’s a fascinating and informative way to spend a few hours or more.

  • Fota Island and Wildlife Park (Carrigtwohill, County Cork): This wildlife park is home to rare and endangered animals. You will see everything from giraffes and zebras to kangaroos, flamingos, penguins, and monkeys in the meadows. Add a tourist train, Picnic tables, a playground, and a gift shop, and you have the features of a wonderful family outing.

  • Fungies Dolphin Boat Tours (Dingle, County Kerry): Every day, fishing boats see visitors in the surrounding waters, Fungie friendliest I’ve ever taken dolphins, swim to the boat. You can even go swimming with the dolphins early in the morning. The Dingle Ocean world Children’s Aquarium is located next to the harbor.

  • Bunratty Castle & Folk Park (Bunratty, County Clare): Children love Bunratty, which is as medieval as an old castle. The site was turned into a replica of the 19th-century city, with actors representing the residents of the city of Victorian, who devote themselves to their daily lives. It’s a lot of fun to run.


  • Marlborough Caves (Marlbank, County Fermanagh): Adventurous families are led by boat through well-lit subterranean canals to explore the caves and see the amazing rock formations.

Time To Go?

June and July are my favorite moments because of the longer days and hectic tourism. The summer gatherings are growing in Ireland as well as in most European countries, especially with the expansion of the cruise industry.

The amount of cruise passengers arrives in Dublin, in the Cobh / Cork area, and in Belfast. Travel during the “Mid-Season” (May, early June, September and early October) is easier and a little cheaper. Low-season travelers often receive fewer people, the full range of sights and attractions, and the ability to book a room with less competition, often at a flexible price.

Winter travelers find no crowds, room rates are low, visit times are shorter and the rain is colder. Some attractions are only open on weekends or completely closed in winter (November-February). Winter can be cold, windy and desolate, and the setting of the night brings shade to tourist attractions before dinner.

During the summer, travelers usually see attractions from 09:00 to 18:00, while winter travelers are often forced to squeeze everything from 10:00 to 16:00.

Check the times for each view you are interested in: Many attractions no longer allow visitors to appear one hour before closing. While the rural charm of Ireland falls on the leaves, city tourism is doing well in the winter.

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