Traveling to Europe: 4 Tips for a Stress-Free Adventure


If you have a traveling bucket list and long to see some of Europe’s most popular destinations, you may have some idea of what your plans will cost and which routes you can take to see as many sites as possible during one trip. However, while careful financial planning is a wise idea, there are other factors to consider as well. If that dream vacation to Europe is finally in the cards for you, there are several travel tips you can keep in mind to reduce stress and have an unforgettable journey.

1. Contact Your Credit Card Company Before You Leave

Your credit card company likely monitors your account for suspicious activity to protect you if your card is stolen. As such, sudden charges from overseas locations are likely to throw up a red flag and result in the suspension of your account. Since this can seriously affect your trip funds, create a pre-departure list and make contacting the credit card company as a top priority. You may even be able to make changes to your account or notify the fraud alert department online.

2. Create a Carry-On Emergency Kit

Overseas flights mean long hours of sitting, and this can be especially challenging when you are traveling with your children. While your aircraft may provide airsickness bags and a bathroom, packing an emergency kit for your carry-on bag can provide you with other items you might need in case of a sick, bored, or cranky child. These include wet wipes, band-aids, anti-nausea medicine, healthy packaged snacks, travel games, extra power banks for cell phones and tablets, and an extra pair of underwear for younger kids, just in case.

3. Plan Before You Land

Once you arrive in Europe, you will need transportation to your hotel. Some local accommodations might provide a shuttle, but if not, you could get stuck hauling your family around the airport while you search for alternatives. To prevent this, consider planning for a rental or taxi before you leave. For example, check with if you plan to travel to Germany and rent a vehicle that will be waiting for you when you arrive at the airport.

You can also contact your hotel before you leave for Europe and discuss what kind of options you have for getting there, which can be especially important if you are arriving at night. Be prepared to pay cash for some transportation services, especially if you are staying in a small town or village.

4. Choose Your Own Adventure

Consulting a guidebook to some of Europe’s most amazing locales can help you plan your trip. However, spontaneous adventures help make vacations memorable, so make time for them as well. If you are spending time in Germany, for instance, you can go on a self-guided restaurant tour and discover all the amazing food the country has to offer. Check out this cool interactive infographic that highlights foods unique to each location, from dumplings to schnitzel.

Traveling overseas is usually both exhilarating and stressful, especially if you are visiting Europe for the first time. However, careful planning, mixed with your sense of adventure and exploration, can help you make vacation memories to last a lifetime.

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