Why You Should Involve Your Child in a Team Sport


Let’s face it—kids don’t get out of the house like they used to. In our day, most parents let us run wild after school so long as we were home before dark. Games like t-ball, kickball, jump rope, tag, and hopscotch were the norm. It was almost expected that we’d come home dirty and grimy before dinner.

Today, we have to practically force our kids outside. Issues like the obesity epidemic and the rise of preventable diabetes are mostly due to our kid’s new sedentary lifestyle. They have iPads, video games and thousands of TV shows that command their attention 24/7. There’s no need to go outside because everything they need is just a click away. This is why outdoor sports are needed more than ever. It’s time we get our kids off the couch and give them some fresh air. There are numerous benefits a child can learn from a team sport that they can’t learn anywhere else.

Physical Awareness

Technology has made media more accessible than ever. Doctored ads have fabricated models alien to reality, constant attention fixed on celebrity’s looks have crumbled self-image, and social media like Instagram have warped the minds of our children unlike ever before. The attention-driven economy has led to chronic depression in our children with a lasting effect on their self-worth.

Team sports teach kids to be aware of their body in a totally different way. It teaches them that their body is theirs and not anyone else’s to judge. They’ll learn not only how to maintain their health, but to have confidence that they have control over their wellness.


Nobody is born disciplined. Unless you involve them in a sport or hobby that requires practice and focus, your kids will never learn how to dedicate themselves to anything. Children naturally want to do as they please, but it’s important they learn how to face and overcome difficulties. A gentle push to keep them involved in a team sport will give them the confidence that they can get over any obstacle that gets in their way. This mindset will naturally lead them to success later on in life.

People Skills

Whether they play baseball, basketball or volleyball, team sports force you to communicate clearly with your teammates in order to win. Your kids will learn teamwork and valuable collaborative skills that help them in the real world, including career and relationships. A healthy team has healthy relationships–the highs and lows of the sport will create strong lasting bonds that will carry with them throughout their life. Another skill your child will acquire is how to build morale. Teammates can’t afford to get down on themselves, or the whole team will suffer. Building morale through encouragement will help your child learn to learn empathy and build the ability to comfort others.

Problem Solving Skills

Team sports make it necessary to think and act quickly. Kids will naturally learn to become aware of their surroundings and devise and execute strategies in a split second. They’ll use their communication skills to solve new and unexpected problems. The conditions of the game are always in flux so constant training will hone their skills to think on their feet.

Why You Should Involve Your Child in a Team Sport


Once your child joins a team, they’ll learn that they aren’t an island onto themselves. Your child’s raw talent isn’t enough to carry the team to victory. Children become a member of a much larger entity that requires them to work with others. They can’t just be passive individuals, or their entire team will suffer. If they consistently skip practice or don’t try, the whole team will fail. Practice truly does make perfect, and at the end of the day no coach or parent can make them work harder than themselves. Learning that they are responsible for contributing to the wins and losses of the team will create diligence and integrity.

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