Increased Independence and Quality of Life through an Assisted Living Facility


Encouraging the Highest Quality of Life

Assisted living does just what its name applies; it supports you to live the highest quality of life, as independently as possible, with some assistance as needed. There is a licensed nurse on all shifts in addition to certified nurses’ aides, an activity program, and kitchen staff.

Assisted living helps you every day to live your life to the fullest. Every resident in a senior living facility has their unique personalities, quirks, and level of needed care. You will find that everyone is different.

These facilities help residents with all phases of daily life such as bathing, hair care, ambulation, meals, nail care, skin care, dressing, toileting, medication administration, and monitoring of health conditions. When health problems arise, such as symptoms of pneumonia the nurse examines you and contacts the doctor.

Private Space in a Community

The living space in an assisted living facility is just the right size with one to two bedrooms, a living room, a small dining room, a bathroom, and a small kitchenette with a stove, refrigerator, and microwave oven with enough counter space to cook as desired or allowed. The kitchenette comes well-stocked by your family with all your favorite foods, as though you back in your home.  An assisted living facility makes sure your living space is clean, tidy, and remains safe and obstacle-free. A housekeeper visits you every day to tidy up your surroundings.

If you are functioning at a high level and only need minimal assistance with activities of daily living, you may want to make your meals yourself in your kitchen.  Otherwise, facilities of this type serve three meals a day, and you come to a central dining room to eat. If you are ill or do not want to join the community, meals are brought to you to eat in your apartment. 

No one can come into an assisted living facility and sit and do nothing, as the activity director will find out what your interests are and motivates you to keep your mind and body busy. This skilled director plans daily exercise programs and activities tailored to your individual interests. Field trips planned to many different places such as a nearby mall, a casino, a zoo, and other exciting trips make you want to join in on the fun. The director often arranges weekly shopping trips and games. 

Some assisted living facilities offer an ice cream parlor, a barber shop, a beauty shop, and a gift shop of which you can sell your arts and crafts. 

An assisted living facility brings many cultures together for you to make friends and enjoy life to the fullest every day while easing pressure on your family.

In Conclusion

This facility reassures your family, that staff love and cares for you as much as their family. Staff comforts your family you receive excellent care, allowing you to live your life as independently as possible and as exciting as possible, with your extra help always by your side.

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