Important Landmarks In Manila To Visit


Manila is popularly called as pearl of the orient and is a lively city that has a lot of things open for one and all. There are many interesting places here to visit such as shopping malls, parks, museums, restaurants, and a lot of theatres. If you are looking for a vibrant city for tourism, then Manila in Philippines is a place where you need to be. In addition to this, this city is a paradise for the foodies who come here for a vacation. Some of the places you need to check out here are Quiapo market, Legazpi Sunday market, and Chinatown, which is the most popular area. 

Manila is popular not only for the tourism but also for business, transportation, education, culture, and even politics. The city has experienced a lot since years and have grown out of everything to become a precious place in the entire Asia. Now you can find skyscrapers, golf courses, malls, and everything happening here. If you wish to come here, then you need to book your Philippine airlines tickets as soon as possible. 

Top destinations in Manila

When you are in Manila, make sure you include these places in your itinerary so they are not missed by you. These places give the best taste of the city, its culture and the heritage. 

  1. Manila Cathedral: It is a religious place situated in the middle of Archdiocese of the city. This is open all day and tourist can visit the place whenever they want for some peaceful time. At times, you can even witness the bambike night experience here. 
  2. Manila city hall: This place has a coffin shape and it is made to honor the people who have sacrificed their lives in the battle of Manila. It is one of the great landmarks which is a must visit when you are here. It is located in the Padre Burgos Ave and the highlights here are the architecture and the clock tower dome. This place will give you a riveting view when you stand in the balcony of the place. 
  3. Fort Santiago: If you wish to see a stone castle in Manila, then you will be surprised to see the Fort Santiago as it is one of the oldest castles of Hispanic style. It was in the year 1951 when this place became the historical and national monument of the country. Since then, this place is visited by thousands and lakhs of tourists. You can walk along this fort with your loved ones and enjoy a great time. 
  4. San Agustin church: It is also called as Archdiocesan shrine of the lady of consolation. This is a Roman catholic church that was built by the command of the Saint Augustine. This church was constructed in the year 1607 and is known to be the oldest in town. It has been given the name of world heritage site as well by the UNESCO. The church has the Spanish colonial architecture and is a treat to watch. 
  5. Church of Christ: There is not one but many churches of Christ in Manila and also in the other areas of Philippines. Basically, it is considered as a holy religious place where the Bible is read and the teachings are given to many people who believe in Christianity. 
  6. Malacanang palace: It is the official place and also the workplace of the country’s president. This residence is in the old Manila and near by the Mendiola street. It is a palace as it has innumerable mansions and many offices. The best part of this place is that it is built in the neoclassical style. 

Do you wish to step into these places and enjoy the best Manila experience? Then you should start planning ahead and well in advance so you get reasonable discounts with the airline tickets and with the accommodations. You need not worry about staying in Manila as there are budget hotels to luxurious resorts, and even serviced apartments available here. It is better to book your tickets two months in advance and add these popular spots in your maps. So, what are you waiting for? Switch on your laptops and start your planning right away.

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