4 Amazing Benefits You Never Knew about Microblading


Tattooing is the new form of body art in the current millennium. In fact, it has been used by many as a way of displaying artistic opinions. Tattoos have also been used to relay a lot of information. Some use tattoos to describe their love for something and at the same time, others have tattoos to remind them of particular events. Tattoos don’t necessarily have to be of pictures or words. It can be in form of microblading. Microblading is a form of tattooing where ink pigments are put under the skin of your eyebrows. They use a handheld tool and not a machine as you might think. You need to understand that microblading is different from normal tattooing because the hair strokes put under your skin will match your current eyebrow hair; this is according to en.wikipedia.org. No one will be able to differentiate or even notice it. The best thing about that is that you get to have your eyebrows enhanced and you will look beautiful. After microblading, an individual is able to enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Time-saving

Time is of the essence in every society. It doesn’t matter what generation you are from. Punctuality might be difficult for some ladies because of the amount of time they need to spend doing their makeup. They have to wake up early and take a good amount of time to make themselves look beautiful. The only issue is that it might take forever to do your eyebrows. Microblading is the new time saver since it makes sure that you don’t waste any more time on drawing your eyebrows. Microblading enhances the appearance of your eyebrows, making them fuller. The other thing you should put into consideration is that microblading sessions take a maximum of two hours. This is fast considering that the procedure will last for more than two years. This saves you a lot of time doing your makeup.

  1. Never smears off or changes color

The worry that some people who draw on their eyebrows have is that the pencil might smear off in rain or even when rubbed. As a matter of fact, they always pray that the weather conditions remain constant so that they don’t have to redo the drawing again. Sweating might also contribute to the smearing off. You can save yourself from such heartache and just have a session of microblading. The other thing you should remember is that microblading never changes color as much as it is a form of tattooing. Thus, you will have a new pair of eyebrows that much your hair color and stay on permanently.

  1. Painless

Pain can scare you away from doing something you always wanted to do. The good thing about this microblading process is that it is pain-free. The artist who intends to do the process on you uses a certain type of numbing cream on your eyebrows. Due to the effects of the cream, you will not be able to feel the pain. After the procedure is done, you will be able to walk away free of pain and feeling more confident.

  1. Safe

One major benefit that people forget to mention is that the whole process is safe if it is done by a professional artist. So, you shouldn’t be worried that you will have to spend any more money on medication for infections. If you are looking for a place that provides high-quality microblading sessions, then you should go to microblading in Calgary.


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