How to treat your anxiety


Anxiety nowadays is a very common problem, and it is highly difficult to treat it if you do not have any proper guidelines. It is a mental and psychological disorder in which the patient starts to feel nervousness without any reason. The unnecessary feeling of worry is so high that they are often lead to self-harming activities. They need to control, and it is actually cure-able because it is just a psychological issue. Psychiatrists have recommended a lot of methods that can control the feeling of anxiety attacks and some of them include mild and severe therapies.

  • What are Therapies for Anxiety attacks?

Therapies is an extensive treatment in which the patient is given calming sessions in various ways. In can be physical or just consultation and sometimes the sense of relaxation is provided with the help of providing a soothing environment. One of the very popular treatments that are being given in many countries is the use of pure cannabis extract to treat anxiety. To know about the use we have to know about what is the Cannabis extract that is consumable and actually effective for the anxiety patient.

  • Cannabis extract:

Cannabis plants with serrated leaves and it is a plant which actually produces an illegal drug known as hemp. The cannabis is often smoked or consumed which gives a sedating effect to the mind and body of the consumer. Although it is illegal and not good for regular consumption, it is highly addictive. For the medical purpose, cannabis extracts have been developed. The extracts are fairly mild and just used for the purpose of providing a sense of relaxation to the consumer. 

  • Ingredients of Cannabis extracts:

The cannabis extracts are often in the form of oil which is suitable for topical usage as well as oral consumption. The cannabis oil contains GABA which is the main element used for the reduction of anxiety in patients. The pure form of cannabis plant contains THC which is reported to cause anxiety in people, but the cannabis extract in the form of oil is free from THC, so it is completely safe for usage.

  • How to use cannabis extracts in the form of oil to treat the anxiety?

The oil can be used in many different ways such as if you are using for the topical treatment. You can rub it on different parts of the body like start rubbing in on your forehead and back of the neck. These two points are really good for the soothing and relaxation. Continue the massage with the rest of the body parts as well.

For the consumption purpose, Start by taking one drop orally. Place a drop of cannabis extract oil under your tongue and let it sit there for 60 sec. in the meantime the oil will be mixed with your saliva eventually you will be consuming it. This provides the patient with a great sense of relief with a soothing and calming effect. Doctors will guide best for the usage of the cannabis extract oils.

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