This is How You Tell If You Are Getting Too Much Sleep


To millions of people around the globe, the chance to sleep for more than nine hours every single day is such a coveted one. There seems to be a lot going on in life, and getting the ability to sleep for the number of hours you desire is always elusive. However, there are some people who are sleeping for more hours than they should, and they can’t even recognize it.

There are real dangers that come with oversleeping, and it is something no one should be proud of. Again, there are also real dangers of under sleeping. To stay safe, one should stick to the recommended number of hours of sleep every day if they desire to perform optimally the following day. So, how do you tell if you are getting too much sleep? Here are a few tips for you-:

You are always tired when you wake up

If every time you wake up you feel tired, it is because you didn’t sleep well, but because you overslept. After a good night’s rest, you should wake up feeling strong, refreshed and happy. Oversleeping can be likened to a jetlag or a hangover. This is because it interferes with the normal circadian cycle which is responsible for setting the tone for the body for the rest of the day. When the rhythm is interrupted, it will take time and effort to readjust, and this is why you wake up when your body is not in sync with the rhythm, thus making you feel tired and exhausted.

Your days are always sluggish

Other than waking up tired, the other way to tell if you are oversleeping is if you are always sluggish most of the time. With too much sleep, you won’t help but feel like a zombie when you go about your daily activities. The reason for this is because your internal biological clock, also known as the circadian rhythm has been interrupted and it will be trying to adjust back to normal after you have enjoyed more than enough hours of sleep. If you have been having such sluggish days, devoid of energy to perform at your best during the day, it may be time to wake up the exact time the alarm goes off and you should forget about snoozing it ever again.

Headaches have found a permanent home in you

If you don’t get enough sleep every night, then you are likely to have headaches and migraines during the day. But if you also sleep for a long time, you will still experience headaches and migraines. Therefore, if you know that you have been sleeping for more than eight hours every day, but you are still bothered by migraines or headaches during the day, this is a clear sign that you are sleeping too much, and for the headaches to stop, you must reduce the number of hours you spend on your Tuft and Needles mattress.


You are adding weight

It is normal for your weight to fluctuate, but if you suddenly realize that you have added more pounds than you had anticipated, yet your diet and every other weight gain factor has not changed, then it could be that you are sleeping a lot. Several studies have come to the conclusion that those who sleep for more than nine hours every day had higher chances of adding more weight than those who slept for less than nine hours every day.

Though the studies are still not clear on the exact correlation between weight gain and oversleeping, the probable explanation is that oversleeping leads to hormonal imbalances which ends up affecting one’s appetite. Besides, when you sleep too much, your body stays inactive for long, and such inactivity is a good ground for weight gain and other weight-related conditions such as obesity.

You are beginning to experience memory lapse

One of the best confirmations that you are indeed oversleeping is when you begin to experience memory lapses. Studies suggest that oversleeping has the potential to make your brain cells age faster by as much as two years, thus limiting your cognitive abilities. You will begin to forget simple things such where you placed your wallet, where you parked your car, beginning to forget names of people etc. For the short term, such memory lapses may not be serious, but if you continue to oversleep, the consequences may be dire in the future.

You always feel pain in the body

This may sound weird, but several studies have made a correlation between oversleeping, inflammation and pain. Sleep comes with the release of the hormone cortisol in the blood system. When you oversleep, the levels of this hormone in the blood system spikes, and when that happens, the production of serotonin hormone is inhibited, and serotonin, amongst other things, is responsible for easing pain and inflammation. This is when you wake up after several hours of sleeping, you will have puffy eyes, and you will also feel pain in the joints.

You are depressed

The relationship between depression and oversleeping is intertwined – one can be a result of the other and one can cause the other. In other words, if you are depressed, you may oversleep, and on the other hand, if you are fond of oversleeping, you may get depressed. But, if there is nothing troubling your brain and you seem to be healthy and all over sudden you get depressed, know that the number one culprit is oversleeping, which if you stop, the depression might as well go away.

You will become poor

Poverty is a state of mind and one which you can easily get into when you like oversleeping. When you sleep too much, you deprive yourself of the chance to have enough time to work your dreams and make wealth. People don’t make wealth while asleep and life might as well pass you by if you oversleep. You will become lazy, and will not be in a position to work your way to riches. If you are poor, you should be the last person sleeping for more than 9 hours every day.

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