How Mom’s Can Improve Their Children’s Tooth Health


Dental health for the kids should be a priority for every mom. Indeed, family dentists like Dr. Khabensky often advise that the appearance of a child’s teeth can have a profound impact on their confidence throughout the rest of their lives but it is advisable to start taking the right measures early to ensure healthy, beautiful teeth early on. Any mom can protect their child from bad dental conditions if they follow certain tips from an early stage.

From Newborn Gums to Teething Toddler

When a child is born, their mouths are more than sterile canvases, ready to learn about the touch, tastes, texture, and temperature. A child experiences something in infancy as they learn to suckle, begin to mumble, blow the “raspberries” and taste their first food sources or breast milk. As the newborn gums develop, the use of the child’s mouth evolves, and it becomes the primary interface with the world as they start to put all type of objects in their mouth to sense the world around them. Even you can start cleaning their little gums with a moistened cloth.

In the first year of their life, infants develop their own perception about the oral health and as well as their diet. At the same time, a certain type of bacterial flora develops in the sterile little mouths of the kids. Babies acquire the vast majority of the oral bacteria and beliefs about oral care from their mother. So, it is essential that a mother knows what they can do to set the dental health up of their children for rest of the lives. After three months of age, use fluoride toothpaste for your child and brush their teeth twice per day.

To take care of the newborn gums of a kid, a mom to also need a proper dental check-up, need to clean it properly. Getting mothers to take care of their teeth and keeping optimal dental health is important, and it should affect the birth of the child.

Baby Teeth – Instilling Lifetime Dental Habits

Infants start to develop the bacterial flora in their mouth even from the three months of age. A lot of bacteria inherited directly from the moms due to the close contacts; therefore the mums need to keep up excellent oral health. Gradually with the growing age, a mom has to help their child to know how to take care of their tiny teeth. They can grow some lifetime good habits like two times brushing, proper checkups of teeth, teaching them the effective essentials of oral hygiene, etc.  Regular flossing is another essential thing that every mom needs to do.

Older Children & Permanent Teeth – A Lasting Foundation

Now as your child got his/her permanent teeth, a mom’s duty will be complicated. The teeth should be taken care of properly. These teeth are for a lifetime, so you need to start regular checkups, brushing and need to help them to avoid the foods with lots of cavities like chocolate, sugar, lollypops, etc.

With proper dental hygiene, any type of dental illness that affects the teeth of the kids can easily be prevented.

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