How to Tell If Your Air Purifier Is Working: 3 Ways


Do you have an air purifier at home? You have one of the most effective products that help improve indoor air quality in many ways.

Not only does it eliminate foul odor, but it also takes out different kinds of allergens. These allergens may cause asthma and other respiratory conditions.

But like other home appliances, your purifier’s performance will dip. Unfortunately, learning how to tell if your air purifier is working is not as simple as you may think. There are steps and tell-tale signs that you need to consider when checking your air purifiers.

But what exactly are they? How can you tell if your air purifier needs professional maintenance?

Continue reading below as we discuss three of the most effective ways to tell if your air purifier is in excellent working condition.

  1. Start with the Filter

As we mentioned earlier, knowing how to tell if your air purifier is working involves careful attention. It requires deeper probing to determine if it’s still in great working condition. 

Thus, begin by examining the air purification filters. These filters are the ones that clean the indoor air. The air passes through these filters, which trap the different kinds of particles.

These particles include molds, dust, pollen, and the like. After some time, these particles may build up and clog your air purifier’s filters.

Check your air purifier if it comes with a filter service indicator. These are timers that tell you it is time to replace your filters. But if your purifier comes with many filters, it is best to inspect the filters manually.

When checking the filters, look for black spots and any other signs of discoloration. If you see that the filters are full of dirt, then it is time to replace them with a new set. 

Keep in mind that replacing dirty filters is something that you shouldn’t take for granted. This is because the dirty filters can be a source of indoor air pollution. Your air purifier can blow the allergens and other pollutants back into the air.

  1. Check the Condition of the Air

Another important step is examining the air’s condition. Though this may be subjective, it can still help especially if you already experienced the difference of using an air purifier. 

For example, if your purifier effectively eliminates odor coming from your pets, you can be certain that something’s wrong if the foul smell remains for more than a week.

Also, check how your entire family is responding. Do any of you complain of allergic reactions? Are your kids starting to experience sneezing or stuffy nose? 

Check your surroundings, especially your windows. Do you see dust accumulating faster than before? These can be signs that your air purifier may not be working up to par.

Dust and dust mites pose many health risks, especially on children.

Apart from getting a feel of the air quality, you can also run tests using an indoor air quality (IAQ) monitor. An IAQ monitor analyzes the quality levels of the air inside your home. It can show you if there are improvements in the air whenever you turn on the air purifier.

If the results say that your home has poor indoor air quality, then it is time to replace the filters. Sometimes, it may warrant a professional to check its condition.

  1. Examine the Airflow

Last but not least, you need to examine the airflow of your purifier. Your air purifier comes with a fan that draws the air inward. From there, it filters the air and blows out clean air.

To check for the airflow, place your hand in front of the purifier. Do you feel air coming out? If you feel a light breeze coming from the vents, then your purifier is working.

If you don’t feel anything, then you need to take your air purifier to a professional technician. However, you need to check the type of purifier you are using. There are air purifiers that automatically adjust according to your indoor air quality.

Some purifiers blow little wind if the air is already clean.

Also, you need to listen to its sound. Does the fan make a loud noise? If so, then you may need to replace your old filters.

Tips for Buying the Right Air Purifier

In case you don’t have an air purifier and your family cannot stop sneezing, then you need to invest in a good air purifier. The same thing goes if you notice a lot of dust accumulating quickly at home.

But with so many air purifiers to choose from, how can you tell if you’re buying the best one for your home? Thankfully, there are key factors that can guide you when buying a portable AC and air purifier.

First, consider the size that you need. The size will depend on the square footage of the area you wish to install the purifier.

Another factor is the features of the air purifier. Do you want something that is energy-efficient? Then go for one that comes with an Energy Star rating. 

Do you want something that you can operate on your mobile phone? Then look for one that has a Wi-Fi feature.

Also, consider the type of maintenance that you want for your air purifier. Those that come with carbon filters usually last around half a year. For something longer, you want to get the ones that feature HEPA filters.

Now You Know How to Tell If Your Air Purifier Is Working

Learning how to tell if your air purifier is working is crucial for homes that own one. It will help keep your air clean and safe while extending the life of your purifier. But there are other aspects of your home that you need to cover.

Learn more about improving the different areas of your home by reading our other articles. We discuss topics that will help keep your family safe and healthy with or without a pandemic.


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