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Working in the kitchen is a cordial task, which everyone does every day. Since we spend a huge part of our lives in the kitchen, the kitchen must be functional according to your needs. A functional kitchen can make things a lot easier than you have ever wondered. Curious, How? Well, the layout of the kitchen plays a major role here. If you are one of those frustrated homeowners who find it difficult to do even basic things in their kitchen, probably the layout is to be blamed for. Ideally, the functionality of the kitchen must be curated in a way that works for you, not against you. Functionality means the kitchen must be organized to store every appliance, tool, or other things of your need to a specific location, rather than cluttered in a drawer, and you still are left with enough space to work. 

Most homeowners usually search for kitchen design inspiration to increase the utility of the kitchen within the given space. Whether you are residing in a luxurious condominium or a spacious home, kitchen functionality/layout is one of the most important things to consider. Now let’s discover some important tips to enhance the functionality of your kitchen. 

Important Tips to Increase Kitchen Functionality 

Tip #1 – Add Extra Storage Options with Kitchen Cabinets for Additional Storage

While installing a kitchen cabinet it is important to look for the options that come with additional storage on the bottom to keep the larger items. Besides, you can also account on the pull-out counter on the top that enables the additional space. Larger pull out drawers installed under the sink have multiple usages. These drawers usually are dedicated to categorizing garbage, composting, recycling. A drawer with ample storage space offers numerous options, where you can place different types of pans and pots and other different types of utensils required daily.

Tip #2 – Bring Waste Space into Use

There is always an area in the kitchen that is not in an ideal shape, but at times, it can hugely impact your storage space in a great way. Based on the space available, you can make a small and hidden laundry pantry area to store the detergents, iron, ironing board, and other such things. This is especially a great tip for the high-rise gallery kitchens since developers these days are installing the laundry units to the hallways leading the kitchen or sometimes it is just adjacent to the kitchen.

Tip #3 – Go for Smaller Appliances in your Kitchen 

You can create space in your kitchen by decreasing the size of the standard stove. There is even a better way, which includes selecting the design of the kitchen that already incorporates the stovetop and the oven appliances into the cabinetry areas. This way you will be able to save valuable square footage of the kitchen. According to experts of Wholesalecabinets.us, this tip works best for condo dwellers who are short on space but want to make their interiors look perfect. Incorporating the small-sized appliance into the cabinetry improves the kitchen functionality in terms of space, as well as, it makes the kitchen look more stylish. 

Tip #4: Expand the functionality of Kitchen Vertically 

You can use your kitchen wall to expand functionality vertically of the available space in the kitchen. Condominiums are built in the cities when there are not enough spaces to build homes, and the same concept can be used in the kitchens as well. Even though cabinets are meant for storage, most homeowners are usually looking to enhance storage in the cabinets as well; and there is indeed an effective solution to it – by adding shelves. If you already have a shelf for small items, you can add another above or beneath the existing one to increase the storage. This way you will be able to store more things that are handy. You will be amazed to see the impact it leaves on your kitchen. 

Tip #5: Use Your Walls for Hanging Heavy Items 

You may or may not realize but, your kitchen walls have a huge significance when it comes to storage. In small spaces, you can use your walls to hang heavy utensils like pots and pans for the extra storage. One more benefit of hanging these items on walls is that these will be more accessible to you since the items will be hanging at a one-arm distance. This is the best solution to increase your efficiency in the kitchen. Utensils that you use regularly in the kitchen can simply be hung over the stove, instead of keeping it a cabinet. For the small kitchen where there are storage options, walls become the best options. 

Now you know that kitchen functionality is the key to a happy kitchen, it is very important to pay attention to the kitchen layouts.

Some Common Tips to Organize Your Kitchen

Now that we have talked about increasing the kitchen functionality, let’s ponder on some of the common practices for kitchen organization. 

  • Declutter The Kitchen and Discard Unnecessary Things

This is the first step to an efficient, organized and happy kitchen. No matter what you do to increase kitchen efficiency, it is important to get rid of the clutters present in it. You simply can’t achieve your desired kitchen idea by holding onto unnecessary things that are of no use anymore. 

  • Store items based on their usages. 

It is always wise to store the kitchen items in cabinets and drawers based on the usage. For instance, the cutlery must be kept in a separate drawer close to the meal prep area. Keep the plates and glasses together, and pots & pans must be kept in different storage. 

  • Use separate contains or dividers to store items 

It is never a good idea to shove everything in a single drawer, but if you have to do it, due to fewer storage issues, you must use different containers and dividers to separate the items. 

So, these are some important storage and organizing tips you must incorporate in your kitchen.

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