How to Promote Your Business Locally: 5 Creative Strategies That Get Results


Unfortunately, over 20% of small businesses fail in their first year and almost half fail within five years. Companies can fail for various reasons, but a common cause is poor promotion and marketing. 

Local advertising is key to reaching your target audience as a small or medium business, especially if you have a limited service or delivery area. 

Are you wondering how to promote your business locally? Here are five creative, proven strategies guaranteed to raise brand awareness and gain more customers. 

1. Participate in Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday gives shoppers the chance to support their local businesses. Many people prefer to shop locally when they can to help their community thrive. According to Intuit MintLife, for every $100 spent at small businesses, $48 goes back into the local economy. 

Although e-commerce giants like Amazon seem to dominate the market, there are still people that love to support local shops. Those people should be your target audience, and they can find you if you participate in Small Business Saturday. 

2. Advertise in a Local Magazine

If you’re wondering how to advertise a business, you should put an ad in a magazine. Advertising in a local magazine is an excellent way to get the word out about your business. 

Adverts that make their way to local mailboxes are also one of the best ways to reach people, especially homeowners in need of services such as HVAC, contractors, and plumbers. 

3. Write a Blog About the Community

Tie the city into your website with interesting information, such as places for people to visit or restaurants that locals love. Writing and maintaining a blog is a simple and cost-effective way to reach local audiences, and it’s fantastic for SEO! 

Another idea for your blog is to write valuable content that answers questions your customers often have. If you’re a plumber, for instance, you might write a blog about the most common plumbing issues. 

Using the right keywords in your content will help your business to rank better on Google, enabling new customers to find you. Click here to learn all about local SEO and how to get free traffic. 

4. Get a Booth at Local Fairs and Events

One of the best tips for promoting a small business and getting more leads is to participate in a local event. Cities often have events or fairs and allow sponsors to rent a booth. This is an excellent opportunity to meet your neighbors and have the locals learn more about your business. 

Renting a booth is also a great chance to give demonstrations or offer promotional merchandise. 

5. List Your Business in Local Directories

Take time to reach out to local directories and tell them about your company. Listing your business helps raise awareness and lets customers know that you’re open for business. 

It’s also critical to create a Google My Business listing, as this is how many people find local businesses while shopping online. Customers can read reviews, view your hours, see your website, look at photos, and much more! 

Now You Know How to Promote Your Business Locally

Promoting your business seems to be a never-ending battle, but putting in the work and spreading the word guarantees you’ll start to raise awareness about your brand. If you’re wondering how to promote your business locally, start with the above tips and take advantage of word-of-mouth marketing. 

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