Traveling With Firearms: What You Need to Know


There’s no denying that firearms are an important part of American life. That’s why an amendment giving the right to own bear guns was added to the Constitution.

But it’s important to understand that owning guns is a big responsibility. In other words, you need to be a responsible gun owner, especially when traveling with firearms. While understanding the intricacies of firearm travel is crucial, maintaining your proficiency with a firearm is just as important; exploring dry fire training systems could offer a practical solution for honing your skills without live ammunition.

Keep in mind that guns laws are different in every state across the country. Thus you need to educate yourself on what’s permitted and how to stay safe when carrying your firearm in your vehicle. Fortunately, this article can help. Here we take a look at travel tips that will keep you safe. Keep reading to learn more.

Dealing With Firearms In Airports

Make no mistake, flying with guns isn’t easy. And you can forget about keeping your firearm with you on the plane. Why? Because the TSA requires all firearms to be transported as checked baggage only.

In addition, your firearms must be unloaded and stored in a locked hard-sided container. You’re also required to declare all firearms that are being checked. Thus you’ll need to fill out a form listing every gun you’re checking.

Keep in mind that you cannot have any gun parts in your carry-on baggage. Scopes are the only exception to this rule. 

Traveling With Ammunition

Now let’s talk about ammunition. After all, if you’re traveling with a gun, you’ll likely be traveling with ammunition as well.

For starters, as with firearms, all ammunition must be transported in checked baggage only. Clips (or magazines) must be securely boxed in the same secure travel case as your firearm.

The best strategy for traveling with ammo is to buy a hard-sided case that’s specifically designed to travel with both a gun and ammunition. This will create fewer hassles and make your travel experience much more pleasant.

Picking Up Your Firearm Case at Baggage Claim

In most situations, you should be able to retrieve your firearm case at the normal baggage claim carousel. That being said, sometimes larger gun cases or baggage with special instructions will get bumped to the special luggage area for the specific airline you’re traveling on. This means you’ll need to complete the signage before leaving.

Always Check With Your Airline

The key to making your trip go as smoothly as possible is to check the airline’s firearm policy before purchasing a ticket. This will help you understand the company’s guidelines for traveling with a firearm before leaving home.

Here’s a great resource where you can see more about buying firearms and shooting supplies.

Print a Copy of the Rules

It’s important to keep in mind that not every TSA employee will be 100% up to date on the rules of traveling with a firearm. Thus you’d be wise to have a copy of the rules within reach in case you run into a problem at security.

A Guide to Traveling With Firearms

Gun owners take pride in being able to protect themselves. But you also need to stay safe when traveling. Fortunately, this guide to traveling with firearms will help ensure safe travel wherever you go.

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