How to Plan for Summer Travel This Year


With vaccinations available in various countries around the world and across the U.S., many people are looking into summer travel in 2021. From vacations to exotic beaches to road trips from coast to coast, many are hoping to enjoy this summer a lot more than they did last year. 

However, many people are coming across issues in their travel planning. COVID-19 not only had an impact on our lives last summer, but some of the effects have had longer lasting repercussions. So, in order to still enjoy a fun summer trip, consider these tips for your 2021 summer travel plans:

Book flights as soon as possible

With travel picking up again, airline prices are starting to reflect the demand. While tickets may have been appealing during the pandemic when a lot of people didn’t want to travel, changes in restrictions and the rise of vaccinations has seen an upward tick in travel. 

However, you can still find great prices on websites offering cheap airline prices if you look early enough, so if you want flights to Cleveland OH or Los Cabos, Mexico, you’ll be able to find the pricing that suits your needs. While some cheap flights may require transfers or layovers, if the price is right, it’s worth it. 

Drive your own car

Sometimes, people like to rent vehicles for road trips as it allows them to use a vehicle that is perhaps sturdier than their own. However, because of the low demand for rental cars in 2020, many car rental companies are now charging high prices and on limited options, so people planning travel for summer 2021 are finding it difficult to find a vehicle to rent. 

Consider taking your own vehicle for your summer road trip or think about alternative transportation options in your destination city. 

Think about unique destinations

With popular cities and national parks opening up and many destinations receiving a high influx of travelers this summer, it could be a good idea to put off traveling to those destinations this year. Instead, consider visiting the “road less traveled” so you can save money, avoid large crowds, and travel to those destinations when you won’t be fighting hoards of people to enjoy a destination.

Whether it’s a trip to Goa in off-season or travel to a lesser-known national park, there are amazing locations that you may get to have all to yourself. Additionally, they may be a lot more affordable and if you’re trying to save money while traveling with friends, unique destinations could be the perfect option for 2021 travel.

Do your research

If you’re planning on going to another country or even just another state, it’s important to do your research in advance to make sure that you’re able to actually enjoy your visit. For example, some destinations may still require two weeks of quarantining, while others may require a negative Covid test result with a specific date before your trip. 

You don’t want to show up to the airport only to realize you don’t have everything you need for Covid-19 travel. Keep in mind that when a test is required, you need to make sure that the date is clear. 

Invest in travel insurance

Travel insurance has always been a good idea, but it could be the best idea now with all the nuances of travel during these times of Coronavirus. From delays to mishaps related to Covid tests and restrictions, it’s best to play it safe and get travel insurance before you set off on your trip. It’s best to have it and not need it then to need it and not have it. 

In Conclusion

Summer travel looks a little different this year but despite the changes and restrictions, with some planning and research, your travel plans can still happen. Look into everything from pet-friendly travel and lodging to rental cars and flights in advance, as there will be a higher demand than usual this year, with many people ready to take off with their vaccinations and summer plans.

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