How to Go Hiking With Your Baby: 4 Major Steps to Follow


Hiking is one of the most awesome activities you can do with the entire family! But what about your little one, are they able to go hiking as well? While a lot of parents seem against it, it’s actually entirely possible to do as long as you plan and prepare ahead.

But what exactly should you have (since of course, we wouldn’t want to overpack but still have our babies feel safe)? Read on as I show you how to go hiking with your baby, from the preparation down to the hike itself!

How to Go Hiking With Your Baby

There’s no exact guide when it comes to hiking with your little one. After all, they each have their own personalities so you have to look into that factor, too! BUT, there are some steps to follow for any fussy or quiet baby!

Planning the Hike

Planning a hike is a bit more complicated when you have young toddlers and kids with you! With that being said, take more time to prepare what’s needed and where you’ll be hiking.

I recommend that you start hiking in areas with kid-friendly trails, which you can find from a quick search online. Day hikes are better to avoid the fuss of sleeping outdoors. Also, schedule the hike during days where it isn’t too hot and sunny, but when the weather isn’t too cold and gloomy as well. Choose a cloudy day without rain for you and your baby’s comfort.

You might want to consider doing a dry run of the hike to get a gist on what it will be like when you’re with your little one. Familiarizing yourself with the trail helps prevent any accidents or fussiness alone the way.

Packing and Preparing For the Hike

When you already have the idea of where and when to go hiking, the next thing to do is to prepare what to bring! With you baby, the first thing to look into is a strong baby carrier for hiking so they’re able to see the views in comfort and you won’t have to worry about the weight and falls.

Make sure that you bring the following:

  • Snacks and drinks: For babies, breast milk or formula, as well as water is enough. Keep these cool in a small cooler or insulated tote bag.
  • Gear: Besides the carrier, have a blanket and sheet for your baby, as well as the first-aid kit, survival kit, your mobile phone, GPS device, and toys to keep your baby entertained.
  • Clothes: Your baby should be fully dressed in breathable clothing, made of cotton or other materials which are cool and can regulate temperature. He should have the strong shakers or hiking shoes as well, also packing extra clothes just in case. Oh, and don’t forget diapers!
  • Lotions: Sunscreen and bug repellents are a must to prevent sunburn and insect bites for everyone, especially your children.

On The Hike Itself

When you’re already hiking, make sure that you follow these tips:

  • Stay slow and steady rather than go too quickly. Not only will you be unable to enjoy the moment, but it can lead to accidents and falls as well!
  • Keep up with the right attitude as you hike, showing positivity and happiness all throughout. If your baby feels fussy, encourage them with praise and love as you go, enjoying the ambiance.
  • Make sure that you check your little one every now and then, planning rest stops to stay energized and for diaper changes or whatnot.
  • Don’t forget to take pictures and make it educational for your little one! Sing and play games, teach them the different colors and shapes, let the experience be fun AND a learning curve for them.

After the Hike

Once you’re back home, the first thing you should do is to clean up, wash your little one, and get them to bed where they can sleep properly. After all, even if they weren’t walking as much as you have, they’re as tired as you are!

Clean all your baby’s items and equipment to use again safely in the future. Make sure your equipment is also clean and that you get the proper rest!

Wrapping It Up

Hiking with your baby doesn’t have to feel like such an impossible task. As long as you have everything prepared for and know the safety procedures to keep you and your little one safe, you can enjoy the amazing views and experiences together.

I hope that this article on how to go hiking with your baby gave you an idea on what you should when going outdoors with the family. So what are you waiting for? Follow these tips now!

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences with hiking with your baby, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!

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