How to Travel with Your Dog


Sometimes planning a vacation for the whole family includes fur babies as well. Whether you can’t arrange for care or can’t imagine leaving your canine companion behind, there are plenty of options for taking your dog with you on your next great adventure.

That being said, traveling with a dog makes the planning process significantly more complex. Here are some helpful tips for traveling with your dog.

Find Pet-Friendly Accommodations

One of the main challenges associated with traveling with a dog is finding pet-friendly accommodations. Rather than having your heart set on a specific retreat, only to find out that your pet isn’t welcome, search specifically for pet-friendly accommodations using This will help simplify the process by listing the pet-friendly accommodations in the area you plan to visit without forcing you to scroll through websites and call various hotels.

Consider Your Method of Travel

Some dogs love the car while others develop stomach issues during long drives. On the other hand, flying can be rough on both the animal and the human trying to coordinate everything. It’s important to consider your method of travel when taking a dog.

If you plan on traveling by car, consider the amount of room you have for your family and your belongings, as well as the general demeanor of your dog. Do you have a small dog that will be able to curl up on a seat next to someone or does he or she get rambunctious and distracting in a vehicle? Do you have a large dog that will need extra space? Do you have a crate that will fit comfortably and safely in the vehicle?

If your dog will be traveling in a crate, take some time to get them used to being in it as well as being in a vehicle.

Health Regulations

If you plan on crossing any borders or flying with your dog, you may be expected to meet health and safety regulations. This could include requiring a health certificate signed and dated by your vet before you travel, as well as an immunization record to prove that all shots are up to date.

Some areas have breed bans that don’t allow certain types to enter. It’s important to research the areas you plan on visiting and prepare accordingly.

Planned Breaks

When traveling with your dog, you’ll need to have more of an itinerary than you would otherwise. Dogs will need to be let out to stretch their legs more frequently than humans and will require ample bathroom breaks. This means that you’ll need more than a patch of a highway for your dog to do its business.

Take a look at the route you’re taking when driving and try to identify areas that could be used as a temporary stopping point. If you’re flying or on a train, you won’t have the option to stop. In these cases, you may require puppy pads to line your crate.

Learn About the Local Services

In addition to finding pet-friendly accommodations, you should also look at what the surrounding area has to offer. Your first priority should be finding a veterinary clinic and ensuring that they will take emergency cases. Next, you may want to find local dog sitters or daycares in case you plan on spending a day at an attraction that doesn’t welcome pets.

Research the available options online and don’t hesitate to call and ask questions. Look for consumer reviews and post on travel sites to get a better sense of which services will work for you and your pooch.

With research and careful planning, you can create a vacation that’s fun for the whole family, including the four-legged, furry members. Look for a dog-friendly retreat where you can have fun and make memories that will last a lifetime.

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