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Furniture is vital to every home setup and can significantly influence the vibe and feel around your interior space. However, many things, including spills, scratches, wear, and tear, can take the life out of your furniture, especially if you have kids at home. Fortunately, you can do a few things to keep your furniture in good shape for longer. Having spent time finding the right furniture for your home, below are ten things you can do to make it last longer. 

  • Set some house rules

Growing up, you may have had fun memories of using the comfy couch as a trampoline or for a pillow fight. However, regularly doing this can eventually wear even the best quality furniture out, especially if you have young children. Your best bet is to set house rules and ensure everybody sticks to them. Consider letting everyone eat at the dining table instead of bringing their food to the couch. You can take measures like canceling movie night if nobody follows the house rules to encourage them to be more mindful. This way, you increase the likelihood of your furniture lasting for years.

  • Get some slipcovers or fabric protectors

Fabric protectors or slipcovers are great for your newly purchased upholstered chair or sofa. They can prevent your furniture from wearing out and last longer. Slipcovers are also excellent for protecting your furniture from inevitable stains and spills. They are particularly terrific if you have kids and pets and want to keep your furniture always looking fresh. You can explore various color options to see which suits you most and blends perfectly with your interior decor. 

  • Use the right cleaning products 

Cleaning is essential to keeping your furniture looking perfect and lasting longer. However, choosing unsuitable cleaning products could hurt your efforts significantly. For instance, some cleaning products may contain tough chemicals that could damage your furniture finish. These chemicals can also leave your pieces more susceptible to wear and tear and scratches with time. Before applying cleaning solutions and chemicals, use a soft or damp cloth to dab your upholstered furniture. You may also research your cleaners to ensure they harm your furniture fabric or type. 

  • Refinish or paint 

Making your furniture last longer doesn’t always have to be expensive. Simple DIY techniques like painting or refinishing your furniture can maintain your furniture’s fresh look and keep it from looking discolored. It is possible to give your furniture a classic or funky feel by altering its original shade to one that complements your interior. If your furniture looks dingy despite its good shape, a little varnish or paint can make it look new. 

  • Move furniture with great care 

You may want to move or rearrange your furniture at some point for many reasons, such as relocating or wanting to give your home a fresh look. Either way, handling your items with care is critical to avoid causing damage to them. When relocating to a new property, you may also toss your items into the vehicle in the rush of things. That may lead to a few lost screws and scratches on your furniture when navigating tight spaces and bumping the furniture into doorways and walls. For this reason, it is advisable to engage professional movers when moving your furniture. These experts have the appropriate equipment and experience to guarantee the safety of everything, including your furniture. You could also protect your delicate pieces by wrapping them in padding or blankets. 

  • Keep your pets away 

Pets are great companions to have in your home. But sometimes they can pose a lot of trouble, especially for your furniture. For instance, pets like cats and dogs can damage your furniture if you let them, from hair to dirt, scratches, and occasional bugs. These factors and many others can cause your furniture to wear out and age quickly. As a result, it is practical to keep your pets away from the furniture or limit how much time they can spend on your couch or bed. You could also invest in a pet bed to help protect your furniture and maintain its look and feel. 

  • Reduce exposure to the sun 

Many people often ignore the sun when enhancing their interior, but the sun can damage your furniture whether you leave it outdoors or indoors. The sun’s UV rays can cause wood to bend and crack and your furniture fabric to fade. Keeping your furniture away from direct sunlight can make it look new and last longer. But how do you achieve this? Consider rearranging your setup to keep your delicate furniture away from your windows or skylight. You can also use appropriate window coverings or treatments to limit sun expiration and extend your furniture’s lifespan. Reputable window experts such as Phoenix Windows Doors can also advise on the best window treatments to limit the harmful UV rays entering your space and harming your furniture. 

  • Avoid cheap furniture as much as possible 

It is natural to want to bargain and beat the price when buying new furniture. It is even tempting to get a piece of cheap furniture, thinking you can upgrade later. Unfortunately, the lifespan of cheap furniture is short, and even the best measures can do little to prevent this. Cheap furniture may be convenient at the moment, but the cost of repairs and replacement can be taxing for your pocket. Investing in the right quality furniture ensures your furniture lasts longer and saves you money. 

  • Repair or restore your furniture 

Even with all the tips mentioned above for making furniture last longer, accidents happen, and marks and scratches are inevitable. Aging can also take its toll on your furniture. While attempting DIY remedies to eliminate marks or scratches on your furniture is tempting, it could end wrongly, taking a toll on your pocket. Having spent so much to purchase your furniture, you want to ensure it gets the best care and attention. As such, consider hiring a professional to repair and restore your furniture. You will be surprised how a 5-year-old couch could look brand new once more after a professional’s touch.

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