Get Rid of Grubs: All About a Voracious Yard and Garden Pest


There are plenty of creatures that you share your space with that don’t cause any problems and then there is one of the most voracious yard and garden pests around, grubs.

These unattractive and fat little worms don’t have much going for them in the beauty stakes and they can wreak absolute havoc on your lawn.

If maintaining your building and grounds is as important to you as it should be, this garden pest should be on your most-wanted list and a plan needs to be formulated so that you can get rid of them.

The threat to your lovely lawn

Grub worms, which are the larvae of Japanese beetles, are undoubtedly a scourge and an absolute pest who can cause some serious damage to any healthy lawn that they are able to invade.

Grubs are not that hard to identify. They are mainly an off-white colour with a darker coloured head, and form an unmistakeable c-shape with their bodies.

The problem you are contending with is that when these lawn grubs hatch, their number one priority is to find food, which means that they set to work feeding on plant roots. The end result of this feeding frenzy is that if grubs are allowed to feast without interruption, they will ultimately destroy some large patches of your lawn.

Time for action

There are certain times of the year where grubs come to life, and these are key times to mark in the calendar, when you need to schedule some decisive action in order to combat their threat.

Mid-summer is prime time for grubs to choose to lay their eggs on your lawn, and they will often choose a sunny disposition as the best place to do this, so be particularly vigilant in looking for signs of this activity.

Rather than waiting for trouble to arrive, it is often better to try and be proactive about the threat and take some preventative measures to dissuade them from choosing your lawn as their chosen venue.

One way of doing this is to arrange to spray adult beetles during the summer, so that they don’t get the opportunity to lay their eggs in the first place.

Other times of the year

It is not just the summertime when action is required. In fact, early autumn is often considered one of the best points in the calendar where you can really gain the upper hand and take control over your potential grub worm issues.

This time of year is when the larvae is still quite small and are still living quite close to the surface of your soil. This is a point in their development where you definitely have an advantage, as insecticides can be applied to the top of the soil during this period, giving you a good chance of killing off beetles and grubs at the same time.

If you miss that window of opportunity, it should be noted that your extermination task will be harder in the spring. This is because the bugs have developed to a larger size and no longer need to feed, meaning they will be far less susceptible to any insecticides you lay down at this time.

Simple lawn maintenance

There are some simple measures you can carry out yourself to improve the odds of keeping your lawn in good shape and clear from the threat of grubs.

There is no question that a well maintained lawn will not only help battle any number of lawn diseases in general, but infestations and grubs will be dissuaded from joining the party.

Although it can be tempting during dry periods, be aware that over-watering could help grub eggs to hatch. They need moisture to thrive, so be mindful of this when thinking about watering your lawn.

Fertilizing your lawn during the autumn and spring seasons will be good for your lawn condition in general and if you can encourage thick turf growth, this will help to deter beetles in the first place.

A grub-free lawn is what you ultimately want, so it might pay to call in some professional help so that you can enjoy the view without worrying about what lurks beneath.

Finlay Begum works at a garden center and really enjoys his varied work there whether tending to the plants, or helping customers with their gardening queries. He shares his knowledge online too, with his written articles as well as answering questions in groups and forums.

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