How to Keep Your Coffee Warm During Your Daily Commute


Are you addicted to coffee?

If so, join the club! After all, it should come as no surprise that an enormous percentage of the population relies on their morning cup of coffee to wake them up each day. In fact, for many people, the thought of going without their first shot of caffeine is a nightmarish scenario.

Another unpleasant thought is letting your coffee get cold during your daily commute. And yet this is a very common experience for the average person every day of the week. Fortunately, this article can help.

Here we look at tips for keeping coffee hot while you drive to the office. Keep reading to learn more.

Buy Your Coffee On the Way to Work

When your goal is to arrive at the office with hot coffee, it might be a good idea to buy your cup of coffee as close to your destination as possible. The key is to create a driving route that will take you directly past your favorite coffee shop.

This is a great way to ensure that your coffee is hot at the office, but you won’t be able to enjoy your beverage during much of your commute.

Use a Single-Cup Coffee Brewer

Many commuters have begun discovering the benefits of owning a single-cup coffee maker. Rather than brewing several cups at a time, a single cup maker brews a single piping-hot cup at a time. This helps ensure that your coffee is as hot as possible as you head out the door to your car or the subway train.

Brew Your Coffee Into Your Travel Cup

It’s also a smart idea to brew your coffee directly into the travel cup that you’re taking with you. Look for a single-cup coffee maker that allows you to place your travel cup beneath the dispenser. This will allow you to grab your cup and go without having to stop and pour.

Invest In a Vacuum-Insulated Travel Cup

A good vacuum-insulated travel cup is worth its weight in gold. Rather than using a coffee mug that lets your beverage cool off quickly, a vacuum-insulated warming coffee cup can keep your coffee hot for hours so you can enjoy it throughout the morning.

Be sure to check out this cool Polar Camel 2 post to find the perfect travel cup.

Use an Electric Coffee Cup Warmer

Do you drive to work? If so, an electric coffee cup warmer for your car can help keep your coffee warm from home to work. This is a simple device that plugs into a cigarette light or USB port so you can enjoy your favorite brew at the perfect temperature regardless of the length of your morning commute.

Tips For Keeping Coffee Hot During Your Daily Commute

Most people have busy lives, thus they rely on a hot cup of Joe each morning to help them make it through the day. Fortunately, this guide to keeping your coffee hot during your daily commute will help make your morning caffeine boost as enjoyable as possible.

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