How to Get Your Backyard Ready for Entertaining This Summer


If you’re looking to make your garden the ultimate place for entertaining and hosting this summer, then as the days start getting hotter and the evenings start getting longer, now is the time to start preparing your backyard.

From giving your garden furniture a makeover to bring it into season to planting specific flowers that will leave beautiful scents billowing in the air at night, there are a number of simple steps you can take to ensuring that it is your backyard that people want to be in this summer.

Here are five tips to get your backyard ready for entertaining this summer.

Have a tidy up

Even those of us who try and keep our backyards in shape over the winter months need to have a tidy up once summer arrives. When it comes to the lawn, cutting it too short can result in a loss of greenness,so give it a minor trim but ensure it is left to a good length. Mulching the flower beds can help cover up weeds and you might want to consider cutting back tree branches that have become unruly by taking a chainsaw to them. Not sure which chain to use? This guide to Different Types of Chainsaw Chains can help you make the right decision. If you don’t have the time for all of that, then consider just giving everything a quick strim.

Give your garden furniture a makeover

If your garden furniture has taken a battering from the elements while left out over winter or not seen the light of day due to being locked up in a shed or garage, then it is time to give it a makeover for the summer. It can be as simple as new throws or cushions for the chairs to adding rosemary and lavender to the surface of your outdoor glass table for a decorative and fragrant surface.

Plant night-scented flowers for those long evenings in the backyard

With longer sunlight hours, we tend to want to spend as much time out in the backyard as possible. To make those evenings of socializing out there even better, plant some night scented flowers such as Jasmine, Phlox or Honeysuckle to add pleasant aromas to the experience.

Provide shade

There is only so much time that a person can spend under the sun in a day. Ensure that when your guests reach that point of sun saturation, they don’t have to leave the backyard by providing ample shade. That can come in the form of a parasol or through extravagant planting if you want to add cover that will be there for years to come.

Create or invest in a way to keep warm

When darkness arrives, the temperature can drop suddenly. That doesn’t have to mean everybody heading inside if you provide sources of heat in your garden. You could opt for the traditional of a patio heater or a wood burning stove to offer warmth or go for the more adventurous, such as a cozy firepit which you can sit around and share stories long into the night.

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