How to Choose the Best Active Senior Living Community


In the United States, there are approximately 28,900 senior living communities and almost 1 million licensed beds.

Are you thinking about moving a loved one to this type of facility? Are you unsure of how to find the right one for their needs? 

Read on to learn more about the benefits of moving to an active senior living community. You’ll also find some tips on choosing the best senior living apartments.

Benefits of Assisted Living

There are lots of reasons to consider an assisted living facility for your loved one. The following are some of the top benefits of assisted living to keep in mind: 

  • Personalized care
  • 24/7 safety and security
  • Hands-on assistance when needed
  • Daily activities and socialization
  • Easy healthcare access
  • Fewer daily responsibilities
  • All meals are professionally prepared

Assisted living also makes life easier for seniors and their loved ones. It provides peace of mind and frees the elderly up to spend their golden years relaxing and doing activities they enjoy.

How to Choose a Senior Living Facility

If you want to find the best senior living facility, don’t just type “senior living communities near me” into Google and hope for the best. Use these strategies to make the right decision for your loved one:

Consider Location

How close is the facility to you and your other family members/friends? Is it easy for you to come and visit your elderly loved one regularly?

Take a Tour

Taking a tour is a great way to get a feel for the facility and see how comfortable it will be for your loved one. Pay attention to the living spaces themselves, as well as indoor and outdoor common areas/amenities.

Talk to Residents and Staff

During your tour, try to talk to some residents and staff members about the facility. Find out what they like about living there (in the case of the residents) and what kind of credentials they have (in the case of the staff).

Eat a Meal

If possible, eat a meal at the facility during your tour, too. Make sure the food they’ll be serving your loved one is healthy and up to your and (more importantly) their standards. 

Read Reviews

Reading online reviews helps you get a sense of what residents and their families have to say about a particular facility without having to communicate face-to-face. Look online to see which facilities have the best reputations.

Consider Costs

Of course, costs also matter. Ask about the annual cost of moving your loved one to this type of facility (the average senior living center cost in 2020 was $4,300 per month). Then, consider whether or not it fits into your budget.

Find a Great Active Senior Living Community Today

Now that you know what to look for in an active senior living facility, it’s time to choose the perfect solution for your loved one. Follow these guidelines and you’ll have no trouble finding a great fit.

Do you need more help caring for an elderly loved one? Visit the other health and lifestyle articles on our site today for extra guidance.

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marianna geoffrey
marianna geoffrey
2 years ago

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