6 Ways to Encourage Senior Independence


In the United States, about 22.2% of people over 65 are in poor health. About 7% of those over 65 who aren’t institutionalized still need help with personal care. 

Whether or not your loved one has poor health you want to foster senior independence. But how can you encourage it in order to make them feel more comfortable? Read this guide on different ways to encourage senior independence today.

1. Keep Them Involved

In order to foster senior independence, even at various assisted living options, you’ll want to keep them involved in different daily tasks. That could involve cleaning, cooking, shopping, folding laundry, etc. Even if they’re limited with what they can do, figure out what they can in order to feel independent. 

2. Have Them Exercise

Fostering seniors and independence means keeping them exercising for as long as possible. Whether they’re planting a garden, doing yoga, or taking a walk, exercise is vital for their health. Activities for seniors at care facilities will often include an exercise class at least once a week. 

3. Have a Mobility Scooter

As you’re supporting seniors, it’s important that they can get around with ease. Consider a mobility scooter so that they’re not stuck waiting on you or another person to get around. You can purchase a mobility scooter from online shops like Elder Mobility. Whether it’s going for short distances, seeing friends, or going outside, mobility scooters can offer them more independence. 

4. Encourage Social Activities

Have them spend time with family and friends in order to decrease the depression that they feel as they age. As they keep these relationships, they’ll feel less isolated and more independent. Even if their family lives far they can receive letters, calls, or visits. 

Encourage them to participate in the social activities where they are. These activities could include cooking, crafting, or solving puzzles. There’s also respite care for the elderly in order to make sure that they receive time and don’t feel alone.

5. Create a Schedule

Encourage your loved ones to maintain a schedule, even during their retirement years. It’s important that they maintain a sort of structure, even in their golden years. This can help them feel like they have a purpose, even if they’re not working anymore. 

6. Update the Home

If your loved one is still at home, update it to be sure that they can get around with ease. Consider railings and other items that can make it easier for them to get between the different levels. Include items that’ll make it easier for them to bathe as well.

Different Ways to Foster Senior Independence

This guide should give you a better idea of how to encourage senior independence as much as possible. Take your time working with your loved ones and seeing what makes them truly happy.

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