Surrogacy in Ukraine. Why the British are leaving for a child abroad


During the past few years, Ukraine has become a number one destination for couples who want to find surrogate mothers. If you are looking for an international IVF center, this is the best solution, after many Asian countries decided to ban commercial surrogacy. Usually infertility treatment and surrogacy abroad cost quite a lot, but the same services in Ukraine are more affordable.

Commercial surrogacy

Commercial surrogacy means paying surrogate mothers more, than they need for covering basic expenses involved during pregnancy. And even though it is banned in the UK, many British people find out about the surrogacy services in Ukraine. In this country, surrogate motherhood works in the following way:

  • Only heterosexual couples married officially are able to have a baby with the help of a surrogate mother;
  • The prices can vary depending on the techniques used during the medical procedure, and whether a donor egg is required. Still, the price is usually considerably lower, than surrogacy in the US for example;
  • In case of egg donation both surrogate mother and intended parents will be unable to know the identity of the donor;
  • If the future parents both donated eggs and sperm, and the child was conceived through IVF, they are considered legal parents of the baby;
  • Women wanting to become surrogate mothers must be over 18 years old and have at least one child of their own;

Why choose Ukraine

For many women in Ukraine surrogacy is a way of earning money, because this way they get paid much more, than while working a normal job. This is a mutually beneficial process for both parties.

With many Asian countries banning surrogacy, Ukraine has become an accessible and affordable option. There are plenty of professional clinics in the country with the newest equipment and highly trained doctors.

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