Discreet Vaping: 6 Things You Need to Know


One of the best things about vaping is that you can do it discreetly. Since smoking is still taboo in many areas, vapers are often prohibited from smoking in public, as they mistake the clouds of vapor for smoke clouds that are full of toxic chemicals

How to Vape Discretely

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While you may wonder how it is possible to vape discreetly since the action leads to a large plume of vapor, you can adjust the amount your clouds emit and make the process less noticeable. If you find it necessary to vape discreetly, follow the tips below.

Inhale Deeply

The first step to reducing your vapor clouds is by taking deeper breaths. When you inhale more deeply, your body will have more time to absorb the vapor. The more vapor that gets absorbed into your body, the less it will be expelled when you exhale. You can also achieve this by holding your breaths in longer. 

Take Second Inhales

After taking a long, drawn-out breath, take another shorter, smaller one. Inhaling a second time serves two purposes. First, it gives your lungs enough time to absorb as much vapor as it can from the first hit. It also allows you to remove any excess vapor that is coming out of the device so that it does not get released into the air. 

Swallow the Vapor

Once you have taken both breaths, you will want to swallow the vapor. Swallowing the vapor will not hurt you and it will help it to become more diluted by oxygen before coming back out to be exhaled. This will make the vapor coming out much more thin and less cloud-like. If you are having a problem swallowing after taking two breaths, exhale a small amount of vapor out of your nose. 

Blow Into Your Shirt

For the little vapor that is left to expel, it is best to blow what you can casually into your shirt or jacket. Simply open the neck and blow the vapor downward. This should prevent anyone from seeing it, and most of the vapor will absorb in the fabric. 

Things to Consider When Discreet Vaping

Discreet vaping is ideal for those who don’t want to draw attention to themselves or feel judged when vaping. If attempting to discreetly vape, you should always consider:

  • No vaping signs mean no vaping – Always be mindful of signs and areas that specifically say vaping is prohibited. You should never vape in these areas even if you can do so discreetly. Smoking in areas like airplanes, government buildings, and non-smoking hotel rooms can all result in a hefty fine for a violation
  • Other peoples’ feelings – Even though the vapor from your device does not contain toxic chemicals, you should always be respectful when vaping. Never direct vapor to someone’s face and always respect people’s wishes if they ask you to move somewhere else. 

Vaping discreetly can be a great way for you to enjoy your vaping experience without fear of judgment from those around you, but always obey signs in restricted vaping areas. As with any part of the vaping experience, from customized mods to DIY e-juice, you can control the amount of vapor you release and vape more discreetly. It might also make sense to upgrade in a premium vaping product, such as the Volcano Vaporizer. Click here to see the latest Volcano Vaporizer sale.

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