How to Choose a Retirement Community


Choosing a retirement community is not an easy task because the community is not only a place where you spend most of your time. It is a commitment. Whenever you choose a community where seniors would live you should consider various factors. It should be comfortable, safe, joyful, and affordable. There are various retirement communities in Issaquah where seniors choose to live in. It is no doubt that being healthy is one of the most important things for seniors and they choose retirement communities where they think they may be healthy and happy. Some of the factors that are important for choosing an assisted living are mentioned below. 


Eating healthy and delicious is one of the features that most old people look for. Residential communities should provide high-quality dining services to seniors. There should be a professional staff with a qualified chef to prepare and serve the food for their residents. The food should be full of nutrition and seniors should feel good after eating. Also, meals should be changed from time to time because people do not like to have the same meals constantly. As seniors are in a risky age group, food hygiene and norms should be kept to avoid any poisoning or health issues.  


Safety is a very important aspect, especially during the coronavirus. The community should be disinfected and in-house vaccination services should be available. There is a Covid-19-free assisted living community where seniors may choose to go without worrying about safety. Besides the coronavirus, golden-agers have to take their medications, there should be some assistants to remind them about it.

Support and Assistance

Most of the assisted living places offer 24-hour support and care for elder people. While choosing a retirement community in Issaquah, people should choose a caring place where they will be safe and feel that the community cares about them. The staff should be caring and polite once communicating with the residents of the community. The warm attitude of the staff will also create an environment where residents feel at home. 


The pricing of retirement communities in Issaquah ranges from $2500-$7000 depending on their provided services and other factors. While living alone seniors calculate their cost of living including meals, housekeeping, transportation, utilities, and other costs. While calculating their costs they may see that living in residential communities may cost them less money than living by themselves. Moreover, they will save time on meal preparation and household chores, and spend it on the activities that they love. 

Social Community

Most of the time in assisted communities during their retirement golden agers need to be social. People meet for coffee or tea with their friends, take their pets to walk together, meet for some group activities to stay social. They play some board games, tell some interesting stories, walk together, and do other activities. Besides, they should do some exercises with groups to stay fit and healthy. It is very important for life to be social after getting older. According to various studies, staying social has an influence on the heart and immune system, it lowers the risk of depression, and etc. 

Services and Amenities

A good retirement community should provide services such as housekeeping, laundry services, concierge, and etc. They may provide some essential kits with toothbrushes, shampoos, soaps, and towels. High-quality services can save time for the residents and also avoid hygiene issues. 

Those were some important factors for seniors while choosing a retirement community in Issaquah. Seniors’ priorities may differ, however, the best choice will be to find a place that performs well in all the above-mentioned dimensions. A careful retirement choice can increase the quality of seniors’ life, their longevity, and make them happier. So make your choice wisely. 

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