Backpacker’s Paradise: 7 Things You Can Do in Khao San Road


Khao San Road is the backpacking district of Southeast Asia. There are more than enough bars, restaurants, and budget-friendly lodging for backpackers from all walks of life. Located right in the center of Bangkok, the energy is infectious. There’s so much to do and see once you’ve booked a Thailand tour package from Dubai. Here are seven deliciously exciting things to enjoy while in Khao San Road.

1. Shop

Almost as abundant as the bars and food vendors are the shops. In the past, Khaosan has been known for its inexpensive shopping, but some of the shops have become a bit more upscale. So instead of souvenir t-shirts, you can also find shops that feature Fair Trade items, locally handmade crafts, fine jewelry and more. You can get something for everyone on your list and yourself.

2. Ghost Tower

This unfinished high-rise offers visitors a one of a kind panoramic views. The 80 percent complete tower was left as is when the Asian financial crisis of 1997 hit. This skyscraper and others like it are a glimpse into the innovation and sophistication of the country.

3. October 14th Memorial

On October 14, 1973, under a military dictatorship, more than 70 protestors lost their lives during a peaceful demonstration against the government. The peaceful amphitheater serves as a memorial to those who died that day. Today it is a gathering place for peaceful protestors, and although there are those who deny the events of that day, the pictures will allow you to formulate your own opinion.

4. Wat Chana Songkhram

The name of this Buddhist temple dating back to the 18th century translates to “Temple of Victory in War.” With its golden interior and gilded designs, Wat Chana Songkhram is a tranquil and serene place despite being right across the street from the busy Khao San Road. 

5. Bangkok’s National Gallery

You can experience much of the culture and art of Thailand at the National Gallery. Not only can you explore the permanent and special exhibitions in the gallery, but there is also an ‘art market’ that runs in the courtyard that runs during certain times of the year.

6. Party

The lights are brighter, the music a little louder and the parties are heartier. The nightlife on Khao San Road is hard to beat with so many young people milling about. There are bars everywhere you turn so you can dance and then dance some more. The rooftop Gazebo has received a lot of attention for hosting a great party. 

7. Eat

As Khao San Road is known for its hustle and bustle, it is also well known for its street food. Everywhere you look there is something different to try. Whether you choose pad thai to pizza to falafel or something completely unique, there is no logical reason to leave Khao San Road hungry. 

When you come to a backpacker’s paradise, you may be surprised to discover that there are so many interesting things to do and see here. This is one place you can truly eat, drink and be merry.

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