How to choose a best robot vacuum cleaner for home?


With the fast-moving technology, robotic science has evolved much in recent years and is used in almost every sectors. Robots have made our day to day life much easier. In terms of cleaning and dusting robot vacuum is the ultimate solution for your house. Even mundane chores can become fun activities with a new gadget. Robotic automatic cleaners can bring back the fun in your weekly cleaning routine. You can even get the least likely candidates to help with these easy-to-use electronics. It is faster and more efficient than the old manual vacuum cleaners. But before switching to a robot vacuum cleaner first read this article to find out what to look out in a best robot vacuum cleaner. You can also read robotic vacuum reviews to find the best vacuum cleaner for your home.

Following are the key features on to which you should definitely look after while choosing your robot vacuum cleaner:

Sensor Technology

Robot vacuum cleaners come with the smart sensor technology which helps them to navigate around your home. These sensors prevent robot vacuum cleaners from falling down or from colliding with furniture.

Basic robot vacuum cleaners come with infrared sensors which prevent them from falling off edges and help in changing direction if they bump against an obstacle. while high-tech robotic vacuum cleaners have laser guided scanners, different combination of cameras and ‘virtual walls’ to scan there cleaning area, these robotic vacuum cleaners also come with dirt sensors which enable to cross-check whether they have properly cleaned the area or not.

Battery life

In terms of battery life, robot vacuum cleaners come into types – smart ones and cheap ones. Smart robot vacuum cleaners have docking station that enables them to automatically return whenever they need charging. And the cheaper models do not have search feature, you have to manually plugin which means you have to keep checking the battery percentage of those vacuum cleaners. before choosing a robot vacuum cleaner for your home, make sure to check the time required by the vacuum cleaner to get fully charged as charging time vary between different models.

Brush type

The brushes of robotic vacuum cleaner are most important part of it. They determine how well the robot vacuum cleaner cleans. It has a brush bar with beater which lifts dirt to the surface and cleans it. Advanced model of robot vacuum cleaners come with full- width turbo brush bars and are considered effective for better floor coverage. Spindly little rotatory brushes that put it on the edges of the robot vacuum cleaners, which are also known as sweeper brushes are great and handy for putting dirt in the vacuum cleaners.

Remote control

Some robot vacuum cleaners come with a remote control feature to give you the comfort of operating your vacuum cleaners sitting at your sofa. Some hi-tech models do not require a remote to operate, they can be operated through your smartphones with the specific application designed for that model and brand. For an ultimate home cleaning, choose that model which has smart functionality- remote control along with app connectivity.

Cleaning mode

Cleaning mode depends on the money you want to spend on your robotic vacuum cleaner. The more you will spend on it, demo choice of cleaning mode you will get in the vacuum cleaner.

Dust capacity

A best vacuum cleaner is that which has a decent dust capacity. generally, robotic vacuum cleaner holds less dust as compared to standard vacuum cleaners, so choose that model of robot vacuum cleaner your home whose dost capacity is bigger in size.


Before buying a robot vacuum cleaner look on to these features to get the best product for your house. Invest your money in purchasing that after doing a proper research about the product.

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