Harry Potter decor ideas that will make any kids room feel magical


If your child is a lover of all things Harry Potter and has always dreamed of being accepted the school of Hogwarts Witchcraft and Wizardry and would do anything in the world to be able to board the Hogwarts Express, then why not bring some fun into the house and turn their bedroom in to Harry Potter’s world.

For any child who read the books back to back and re watched the film more times than you can count on both hands, a decorated Hogwarts themed bedroom might just be the next best thing. It’s perfect for both genders and any ages.

  • Now we know your house won’t look like the stone castle that Hogwarts is but, you can recreate the look and feel by painting the walls. You want to begin with a grey base and then if you what is called a sea sponge pat darker shades of grey, brown and moss colored green on top. This will give a look of old stone.
  • Rip up the carpet and put down wooden flooring. If you don’t want to do that then get a brown rug and place it in the middle of the floor.
  • The students of Hogwarts sleep in wooden canopy beds surrounded by curtains. Now they are very large pieces of furniture and you might not have the room for this so an alternative would be to hang fabric from the ceiling around the corners of the bed. Depending on what house team your child favors from the film then make the fabric that color e.g. red for Hogwarts, yellow for Hufflepuff, blue for Ravenclaw or green for Slytherin. If you are thinking about going all out for your child room and want to get them a bed just like this, why not grab yourself a mattress from Divan Beds Centre – Divan Beds
  • Hogwarts students use a trunk to carry their stuff around so get an old trunk, or new if you can’t get an old one and get your child to decorate it with Harry Potter stickers. They make for perfect foot-boards and places to put clothes and clean linen.
  • Hedwig the owl plays a very important role in Harry’s life so why not decorate a corner of the room to make it look there is an owl there. Get an old bird cage and a large stuffed toy owl.
  • You will want a solid colored comforter again to match the color of the fabric you have hanging. Add a couple of brightly colored pillows that also match the house color and choose a bedding that is Harry Potter themed.
  • We know you won’t have a magical broom available in your house to use as a quidditch broom but grab one from a fancy dress shop and place it in the corner of the bedroom.
  • You should decorate the walls with different things hanging from whatever house your child prefers and to match the rest of your décor.
  • Get a full-length mirror and place it on the back of your child door if you can. Paint the edges of the mirror with gold or bronze metallic paint. If you don’t want to paint it, the go for metallic duct tape.
  • Grab some antique looking bedroom accessories like an ornate lamp, old looking book case and electric candles. These will just add the finishing touches to your Harry Potter themed bedroom.


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