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You’ve probably heard the warnings about using baby powder…words like cancer and respiratory issues. But is it really as scary as all that? In a word…  NO


Why use baby powder in the first place? Well… baby powder is a great way to absorb excess moisture and to reduce friction which both help to keep diaper rashes away. Baby powder is also a good choice for babies that are sensitive to moisture.


What’s up with the possibly scary stuff I mentioned above? Talc…There has been a ton of research done on the safety of talc in baby and cosmetic products. I’ve reached the conclusion that the jury is still out on this. But I feel like if there is so much controversy concerning it, why chance anything when we are dealing with our children?


The biggest concern comes from inhaling it. Let’s face it, when our baby has an issue and we try to fix it…we may go a little overboard. I know I’ve thought well if a little is good…then more must be better! But I’ve learned the hard way more than once that bigger isn’t always better. There is a reason all this stuff comes with usage directions.


There you are applying your store bought baby powder and POOF! A cloud of powder envelops you and baby. No way around breathing it in.


Like I said, the jury is still out, but if there is even a chance of it being bad… I personally wouldn’t risk it. Here are a few links to reputable organizations and their thoughts on Talc.



Some of you may be saying (including Johnson’s & Johnson’s), “That’s why there’s corn starch baby powders now.”


I caution you that cornstarch comes with its own issues. The reason you might be using a baby powder is to help clear a rash. But if the rash happens to be yeast the cornstarch actually acts like miracle grow and accelerates its growth! Wow, who wants to do that when you are already dealing with yeast!


What is the best alternative? Bee All Natural Organic Baby Powder!


  • Certified USDA organic
  • Made in Michigan (USA)
  • Free of gluten, talc, fragrance
  • Food grade ingredients
  • A little goes a long way
  • Smooth and silky texture without the cloud lingering in the air
  • Safe for cloth diapers. Will not clog the absorbent properties of the diaper or insert


No Talc! No fragrance! No Corn Starch!!! All made in the USA!


Bee All Natural started in 2009, when founder Rachel Nonis couldn’t find the healthy skin care products she was searching for. She was tired of buying so-called “natural” products that were in fact laden with perfumes, BPA, BPF, and lots of other nasty acronyms. So, what’d she do? She developed her own line that would be safe for the whole family, from baby to adult. Growing up on an organic dairy farm, Rachel believes in the connection between diet and health. She’s hand-selected ingredients that fit this philosophy.


Don’t let the name fool you! Baby powder is not just for babies! You can use Bee All Natural Organic Baby Powder to:


  • Prevent chaffing on those hot summer days
  • Keep moisture away on feet. Keep the stink out of shoes!
  • After shaving to prevent and heal razor burn
  • As a dry shampoo on those days you just don’t have time to shower
  • Men use baby powder too! My husband does anyway 😉


This is cloth diaper safe. It is a perfect alternative to anything that *may* have bad stuff in it. It is silky smooth and does an amazing job at protecting and healing. You need to check out Bee All Natural Organic Baby Powder!


*This is to all those WAHM’s and small business owner’s out there! Bee All Natural offers an amazing private labeling program. That means you purchase something like Bee All Natural’s Baby Powder and they brand it with YOUR business label. They do all the work and you sell it as a natural extension of the other products in your shop.


This is already done with many products such as detergents and cosmetics. Why not take advantage of it? Bee All Natural also offers wholesale if that sounds like a better fit.


Benefits for you as a small business:


  • Your own branded line of natural personal/baby care items
  • Very low minimum at 50 units
  • Bee All Natural can even work with you to brand your own formula to private label

You can contact Bee All Natural at [email protected] for more info!


FINALLY! Did someone say discount! Use the coupon code FACEBOOK on to receive $10 off a purchase of $30 or more.


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