How Do I Make A Claim Against A Bus Company?


Bus accidents can be very dangerous for all involved. Maybe you were driving and got involved in a school bus accident or an accident with a commercial or municipal bus. You might also have been hurt while riding a bus. If you’re a bus passenger, there’s no way you could share fault for the accident. Whatever has happened, you deserve legal compensation to help you cope with the expenses.

Unfortunately, filing claims for a bus incident isn’t quite the same as the process for any other personal injury claim after a car accident. The challenging part is finding the right individuals and organizations to hold responsible. 

Only a qualified car accident lawyer can give you a thorough and accurate evaluation of your own situation and counsel you on how you should proceed.

Finding the Liable Party

The first person you might be able to hold responsible is the driver of the bus. If they caused the accident through their negligence or careless driving, they will be involved in the case, even if their employer is ultimately responsible.

Specific rules around liability will differ depending on who the driver’s employer is, but you will be addressing them in the case as well, no matter what. If the bus is a city bus or a school bus, your claim will be going to those public organizations, as well as the larger city and school board authorities overseeing them.

Rules for suing a government agency are very complicated, but that doesn’t make it impossible. Their drivers are also required to follow many stringent safety regulations, as well, which may give you another opportunity to hold them responsible if they were negligent in following those requirements.

However, if the driver works for a private bus company, then you’ll simply be suing that organization and seeking compensation from their insurance company.

Before you file a lawsuit, your first step will be filing insurance claims to get compensation from any and all of these parties that may hold partial liability. 

Gathering Your Evidence

If you aren’t able to get adequate compensation through appeals to the insurance providers, you’ll have to consider pursuing a lawsuit. At each step of the way, you are going to need a clearly established record of the accident and how your injury occurred.

Document all of the facts in your case to be able to present them to the authorities. Take pictures of your vehicle and where it happened, request the official traffic accident report, and seek out other witnesses as needed. Keep a complete file of all of your expenses and lost wages since the accident as well, as this will be used to help determine any damages you receive later on.

Get Help from an Expert

There’s no substitute for professional legal experience. Before you make any decisions you might regret or compromise your case by speaking with claims adjusters, find a lawyer you can trust to help you make sense of the situation and put together a plan. 

An attorney will give you the tools to make an educated decision about how to proceed and can work with you to find liable parties and put together your legal claim as well. Don’t give up on your case and seek out someone who will fight for you.

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Thank you for the material. In a way it made me sad. Because I owned a taxi company that I lost few years ago due to claims from clients. Taxi drivers were not monitored and their time either, so they might have overworked or neglect the duties. I now use job management software that helps a lot to control things.