How can playing with Lego benefit your son’s education?


Some people would be wondering what Lego is and what does it have to do with kids. Well, Lego is a very fiercely popular toy for boys that helps in building spatial, mathematical and very fine motor skills throughout childhood, usually during the developmental stages. Legos for boys are appropriate for kids above the age of four because most manufacturers offer caution of choking to kids below four years. Playing with Lego can benefit your son in intellectual development which can be reflected in his performance in school. Some people might be asking what benefits toys can bring to education? Worry not because I will give you finer details.

  1. Playing Lego encourages team work- when children are playing with Lego they learn how to share and take turns in achieving a common goal. The concept of team work will be extended to school and children will work together to achieve each other achieve.
  2. Lego improves creativity- there is an increase in creativity and imagination fostered when kids construct different designs using various shapes, colors and sizes of Lego in construction. Since there is no limitations to what a kid can make the fear of failure is suppressed because it is about what you can make and not what is right. The same mentality of exploring things without fear of failure is carried to school bettering the performance. 
  3. Lego develops problem solving and mathematical thinking- playing Lego requires a kid to focus and pay attention to details of assembling which benefits a kid in problem solving. Concepts of mathematics such as symmetry, balance, sizes and shapes are explored during playtime and it is the same thing kids learn at school, playtime helps them stick in the mind not to be forgotten.
  4. Communication skills are improved- Lego helps the kids in relieving their minds out of stressful situation and engage in meaningful conversations. As a result they are able to well articulate their ideas at school, describe their work and also share on the challenges they are facing while learning, as a result it is easy to get help.
  5. Lego improves self-esteem- overcoming the most challenging levels of Lego increases the kid’s confidence and brings satisfaction. The urge to overcome the challenging levels and show off their completed work keeps driving them to try new things. They are confident about everything they do even at school.
  6. Lego develops lateral thinking and planning skills- some of Lego levels could prove a challenge in assembling, when a problem occurs middle-way the kids retraces their steps back and analyze their work to find the parts that need fixing. Planning skills help kids at school because when they plan for themselves they know what to do at a particular time which helps reduce time wastage.
  7. They learn to be persistent- Lego teaches kids to stick to their plans to achieve the ultimate goal. Following complex construction designs requires one to be very persistent because the vision has to be realized. When the mind of a kid is programmed to be persistent, they will still bear with any situation even at school until the ultimate goal is achieved. 

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4 years ago

Lego really helps a lot! I learned quite a lot of interesting tips and tricks on writing essays and homeschooling my children from this education blog. I also encourage my children to read and write more because it really helps develop basic communication skills and memory.