How to Keep Your Kids Secured by Installing the Best Parental Software for Their iPhone


Are you a parent to a child who is creating a ruckus every day with a demand for an iPhone for his personal use? Are you in a situation where you can do nothing but bend to his wishes and buy him one? And now, as a result, you are spending sleepless nights wondering what your child is up to on his iPhone behind your back. I can understand your worries as I am also a mother to two rambunctious children with iPhones.

It is necessary as a parent that you keep track of the activities of your children when they are on their devices. Other than the fact the extensive screen time that your child spends with the device can create physical as well as mental problems for him, the virtual world that he continuously lives in is not a safe place to be. So what can be done? The solution is installing a parental control software on the device of your child.

What is parental control software?

A parental control software is an application which when installed in the target device i.e. the device with your children, works as a child monitoring software which keeps track of all the activities that takes place with the help of the target device.

As of now, the best child monitoring software monopolizing the app market is mSpy. mSpy is the most trusted and favored parental control software that is known for its reliability and instant accesses. Also, visit the website for more information about parental control software.

Following are some of the features of the mSpy software:

  • Tracking the incoming and outgoing SMS along with the names of the sender and receiver
  • Call logs monitoring along with the contact list on the target phone and the time and date of the calls made and received.
  • Check emails for any virtual threat to your children or find out if they are involved in some malicious or illegal activities.
  • Just don’t believe what your children tell you about where they are. Know the exact location of your children by tracking them through the GPS tracker in the mSpy app. Also with the help of the geofencing feature available in the app you can build a virtual boundary and be immediately notified when your child crosses it.
  • Porn videos are a kind of virtual threat that can be unhealthy for the mental, emotional as well as physical well-being of your child. Keep a watch on the multimedia present on the device of your child to make sure they do not have any access to it.
  • The keylogger feature in the software helps you to gain access to every key pressed in the target device which helps you to know the passwords to important apps like their mail accounts and other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

One must keep in mind that the mSpy app can be installed in the iPhone app after jailbreaking the device. Also, make sure that your children are not around when you are installing the app so they are not aware of its working and it becomes easy for you to spy them.


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gloria patterson
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