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After Serena Williams amazed everyone with the carnival-themed party she organized this month, many people realized just how great of an idea a themed party is. Themed events are the best way to break with routine and create something fun and memorable to share with your loved ones. You can choose the theme that you want: a casino party with games of chance and martinis; a 1920’s themed party complete with dress-up and foxtrot; a colorful Latino party with more tortillas than you can eat… You call it. Of course, planning and hosting a themed party is more challenging than a organizing a regular meeting, but if you do it right, it will pay off. Here are some ideas on how to be the best host in a themed party. 

Choose the best theme

First of all, you have to find a theme that you as well as all your guests will enjoy. A 1920’s throwback party? A Hawaiian luau party? A pamper party? A casino party? Once you’ve picked your theme, you need to find decorations and start planning for activities and food that match the theme. Let’s use the casino party as an example. Casinos have been popular for decades, so who wouldn’t like a fun night with great ambience and games of chance?  If your guests are up for it, you can all show up in fancy dresses and tuxedos, so you feel you are at a VIP Vegas casino. Some games don’t require many supplies: Texas Hold’em style poker and BlackJack only require a deck of cards. It would be great to feature a roulette – just rent it out if you don’t own one- as the centerpiece of the party. Find fun casino playlists complete with movie soundtracks –  think James Bond or Goodfellas. Set up a bar with martinis, scotch and vodka cocktails; the beverages will help your guests get into the spirit of the party and have a wonderful time. As you can see, a well-planned themed party requires minding many details, but if you get them right, you and your friends will have a time to remember.

Tips to create a great atmosphere

As a host, it is your task to make sure everyone’s comfortable and entertained from beginning to end. When you send your invitations, make sure you let everyone know about the theme of the party, whether there is a dress code, and also if they should bring something. Give clear instructions and directions so nobody gets lost. At the beginning of the party, stand close to the door and greet everyone as they enter. Encourage conversation between guests by personally introducing them to each other and even proposing some small games to make them interact with one another. Always keep an eye on food and beverages, so you make sure you never run out of anything; you should even offer drinks and finger food from time to time. Once the party is over, make sure every guest leaves with some sort of gift or party favor to end with a positive note.

Host your favorite themed party

There are more themes out there than you can think of.  Ponder which ones you like the most, and explore your memories to find out what great time of your life you want to go back to for one more day – or, why not, ask yourself what you have never lived before and bring it to life with a themed party! Make sure you cover the basics: ambience, music, food and drinks, activities and the list of guests. The rest is just about having fun.

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Daphne Gilpin
3 years ago

I like your tip to make a fun casino playlist with movie soundtracks. I want to find a venue where I can have a casino party for my birthday. Following your tips should really elevate the experience for my guests!