4 Simple Ways to Rekindle Your Romance When You’ve Got Kids


Let’s face it: the moment you become a mom, your priorities change. You put yourself second and swap trips to the salon or nights with the girls for diapers and 3 a.m. feeds. While it’s totally worth it when you’ve got your little one snuggled up in your arms, your me-time isn’t the only area of your life that can suffer as you expand your family: your relationship with your partner may also take a hit.

If you can’t remember the last time you and hubby managed to carve out some time as a couple, read on for four simple ways to rekindle your romance.

  1. Give Thoughtful Gifts

When there are bills to pay and diapers to buy, sweet, spontaneous gifts aren’t always high on your list of priorities. However, an unexpected gift can be the perfect way to show your partner you appreciate them.

For a gift that’ll ensure you’re always on his mind, choose something he can wear, like one of these unique Larson men’s rings that are (literally) out of this world. Money tight? You don’t have to splurge to be thoughtful. Consider cooking his favorite meal or giving him a massage as a reminder of just how much you care for and appreciate him.

  1. Flirt More

When you get comfortable in a relationship and settle into a routine, the simple things that gave you butterflies can fall by the wayside. To reignite the spark with your spouse, treat them as you would a new flame. Be flirtatious, complimentary and listen openly (even when he’s telling a story you’ve heard ten times before). Most importantly, think about touch. Rest your hand on your partner’s knee or brush the hair out of his eyes. Simple, sweet gestures like this are a powerful part of connecting with your other half and ensuring your both feel desired.

  1. Organize Date Nights

Further to making an effort to flirt with your partner, try to schedule regular date nights. Organize a friend or family member to babysit for the night and head out to a restaurant you’ve both been dying to try or a movie that’s just come out. Don’t spend the night talking about household issues (they’ll still be there when you get back). Talk about your dreams and desires.

If intimacy has been less frequent since kids came on the scene, try adding some sensual foods, like strawberries, chocolate and wine, to the equation. And, if money allows, splurge on some new lingerie that makes you fall in love with your body as your spouse has. Take your time and get to know each other all over again.

  1. Ban Technology

When the kids are finally off to bed, it can be tempting to instantly pick up your phone or queue something up on Netflix. Before you check your Facebook feed or catch up on your favorite series, allocate a half-hour of technology-free time to reconnect with your mate. Talk about the triumphs and struggles of your day or start planning a future vacation together. If you need to talk about big issues, like grades or money, do so compassionately and constructively. If any topics are out of bounds, establish this at the get-go. Having each other’s undivided attention will bring you both back to a time when you had fewer responsibilities and more romance.

Rekindling the romance in your relationship when you’ve got kids is all about dedication and time-management. By working together to recreate some of the stress-free moments you had together sans children, you can keep the spark between you roaring, whether you’ve been together for two years or twenty.

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