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If this is your first time hearing about HomeZada let me take a little time to introduce you to this company.

First, HomeZada is software that helps homeowners track any sort of home maintenance activity, from structure, room additions to repairing a faucet, bathroom remodeling, flushing your water heater to completing a home inventory and much more.  All this can be tracked and recorded by the HomeZada  FREE mobile app!


Now what makes HomeZada even more valuable to homeowners is not only does HomeZada include common checklists for major home systems, you can also categorize by date, task and of course by season….great right! You can also record new appliance installations with costs and model numbers, create calendars with embedded alerts for seasonal maintenance and keep a list of contractor names and email addresses right at your fingertips. It’s an awesome digital home management system to help homeowners understand how to make the best decisions about their home.


HomeZada will help you also save money and stay in control by tracking your shopping research, budgets, costs, photos and documents of your home remodel projects.

Let’s say you just bought a home that needs a lot of work no matter if it’s small or large projects.  HomeZada will allow you to keep records of all the things you need to buy for your projects as well as you being in full control of managing and planning every task you’ve decided to work on in your home!

Not only will HomeZada help you with home Improvements and maintenance, this app will also help you manage your home Inventory. I can hear you now asking, what do you mean home inventory?


Well, HomeZada will make sure every homeowner is properly insured and prepared for any fires, burglaries or natural disasters by having a home inventory that includes photos, documents, receipts, and videos.

WOW, this app would have really come in handy for my son who lost everything in a fire a while back. His entire family lost all their important documents, furniture, children and wedding photos, priceless videos and so much more were destroyed! So you see with a system like the HomeZada  FREE Home Inventory App, all those important items would have been recorded and saved!

Actually, with so many items in my home I definitely need to think about installing this app and allowing HomeZada to itemize and photograph all the contents in my home such as furniture, electronics, products, video’s and collectibles.

Another great thing about the HomeZada app is every user will have unlimited storage of photos and documents while also providing a formatted Household Inventory PDF and an export to Excel for reporting purposes, which is useful in providing it to your insurance agent or estate attorney.

You will also find the HomeZada app is very easy to navigate through and the moment you type in a keyword you’ll be able to search and filter the entire items listed by category. HomeZada will even allow you to share your inventory with family members as your inventory is stored in a secure cloud infrastructure with 256 bit encryption.

Just think, even a licensed home agent can utilize the HomeZada app. Since they are a listing agent with a HomeZada account it would make it easier to create a “new property”.  Once created the agent can then load his clients home information to the account.


This may include floor plans, what’s included in the home, size of rooms, space and much more to help with the sale of your clients home. Keep in mind that a Zada Listing gives a buyer much more data than they’ll see on any other listing resource.

The new HomeZada Mobile app is available for both Android and Apple devices as well as a mobile web version for any phone with a browser.  You can download the free HomeZada Mobile for Android at the Google Play Store or the free HomeZada Mobile for iOS at the Apple App Store by searching for HomeZada.

For a mobile web version, just use your mobile phone and browser to access the HomeZada sign up page for a new account, or login if you have an existing account.

I also want you to keep in mind that September is National Preparedness Month so this would be the perfect time to create a home inventory , we never know when a disaster may hit home!



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