6 Things Only Home Owners Will Understand


So, you have swapped out the life of a renter for one as a homeowner. Congratulations! Now that you have become a member in an elite club, you might start to see things a bit differently. Here is a look at some of the things that only people who own a home will understand.

The Importance of a Good Exterminator

If you are one of those people who think you only need an insect control company when you actually see critters, you would be wrong. Getting your home treated and checked in a preemptive manner for pests will give you a better chance of not coming across them down the road. Also, in the case of termites, it can also save you thousands of dollars in damage to your home.


In your old apartment or rental home, you might have let the dishes pile up and the dust settle. However, now you are in a spotless new home and you want to keep it that way. When it comes to things like scrubbing the sink in the bathroom, wiping countertops down, sweeping the floors and the like, cleaning has taken on a new meaning.

This cleaning now takes place outside the home too. You need to keep your gutters cleaned out, cut the grass, trim the bushes, power wash the deck, weed the garden and more. Where you used to not have to worry about home improvement, now you need to both worry about it and do it.

You Buy Things

Once you move into your new place, you need to turn that house into a home that you will be proud of. You are putting down roots so now is when you will begin buying things like appliances, furniture, and other essential items. You have to control the shopping though. Have patience – with a bit of willpower and some frugal living, you will be able to get that perfect couch and pay cash for it before too long. Keep in mind that you will be in this house for the foreseeable future and that means that you can take your time getting it furnished exactly how you envision.

New Rules

Your home is more than just where you lay your head. It is also your responsibility and a big one at that. You paid a lot of money for it and you probably don’t want to deal with things like fingerprint smudges on your windows and muddy footprints on your carpet. This means that you need to make a few ground rules and stick to them.

You Do-It-Yourself

Not having a landlord means that you no longer have a repair solution handy 24 hours a day. From things like unclogging the drain in the shower to changing the filter on the furnace to turning the water off when you find a leak, you now have to either call in a contractor for those things you can’t handle (and spend a lot of money) or you learn to do it yourself. You will also learn how important it is to have a spare key.

Home = Ambassador

The condition your home is in says a lot about you as a person. Think about it – who do you know who wants to be the owner of the eyesore in the neighborhood? This means that you can use your neighbors and the activities they do outdoors as a source of motivation. If the couple who lives next door is paving their driveway, you might want to take care of yours. On the other hand, if the neighbors across the street have let their lawn become a mess, making yours look good is even more important.

As a person who owns a home, you are living the storied American Dream. Maybe it has sunk in already, maybe not. The kitchen, the dining room, the living room, the bedrooms – they are all yours. You might notice that your wallet is more than a bit lighter, but your heart will be full, and you can sit back and enjoy that feeling of success that comes with buying a home. You have made the biggest purchase most people make in their lives. Enjoy it.  

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