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Hog Wild Toys has some amazing toys out for this Holiday Season.  My children love them so much, they’ve been having non stop fun since they got them.


My little, Jacob, loves Hog Wild.  And, will for years to come.  The Unicorn Poppers gave Jacob, and his 18 year old, Sister, a lot of fun.  They’ve been playing with it for over a week.  What little one, or girl, do you know that doesn’t love Unicorns.  I’m almost 40 and still love them.  This is so cute, and lots of fun.

Magnificent rainbows are popping near you! Introducing two new Unicorn Poppers that shoot rainbow colored soft foam balls. Just squeeze the Unicorn’s belly and out shoots a soft foam ball – up to 20 feet! 


The Sword Popper has been lots of fun too.  My daughter’s 18 year old boyfriend, loves the Sword Popper.  Jacob, and Josh, play with the sword poppers whenever Josh is over.  They have endless hours of fun.


And, there’s Brobo.  He is a robot light.  He’s cool if your child is still afraid of the dark.  He’ll light up the room in no time.  Jacob loves Brobo.  He sleeps with his cool Robot stuffy every night.  Read below for details.

Brobo is a robot from the future, and a comforting bedtime buddy. Brobo gives little ones instant control over the darkness and shadows that make bedtime difficult. From the safety of their bed, a child can power the Brobo light with two modes (bright and dim), and a five minute auto-shutoff.

Brobo comes in five designs with long-lasting LED lights that are always cool to the touch.

A companion for a child’s deepest need for security, Brobo will be their favorite toy for years to come.

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