The Weekend Store’s Unique Necklaces are great for this Holiday Season


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The Weekend Store has amazing necklaces.  Sarah loves her necklace.  We also received one that has Pennsylvania marked on it.  These necklaces are true conversation starters.  Sarah said she can’t believe her name is a city in Mississippi.  She loves that she has a keepsake with her name.  You, too, will love these necklaces. 

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Check to see if your name is on one.

I love the style of these necklaces.  They look so great on, as well.  Sarah hasn’t taken hers off, since receiving it.  She truly loves it, and talks about it all the time. 

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The Classic Grand Map Name Locket is so amazing.  Not only do you get your name on a locket, but you have a place to put a special picture. 

There is a list for the names, tells you what state that each name is in.  Check out this locket for a great price.



People from all over the world are crazy for these custom vintage map lockets. In fact, they’re our new best seller. These lockets are handmade from brushed matte silver-plated brass, and contain vintage maps from all over the world. Each 3/4″ pendant comes with a matching 24″ silver satellite (beaded) chain.

Just tell us your favorite location, and we’ll get to work on your custom locket. Please allow 7 business days for delivery.


About the Owner:
When I lived in Burlington, Vermont many years ago, a friend owned a shop across the lake called The Store in Essex. It had such a plain name, but it was the most beautifully appointed, well edited shop I’d ever seen. Later, when I moved back to San Francisco, there was an antiques store I’d pass on Valencia Street every day that was only open on the weekends. It was such a cool store – I could see all the great things they had for sale through the window – and I’d think to myself “That’s kinda awesome they’re only open when they really want to be”. So, I combined both elements of the two shops I admired, and came up with The Weekend Store.
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Disclaimer: This product was received from the Company for review purposes only. All thoughts and words in this post is my own and I was not paid to endorse it. I am only voicing my opinion about this product.

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