Hire a Lawn Care Service or DIY?


Not sure if you should tackle the lawn on your own, or hire a lawn care service to do the job for you? It may seem like a simple decision. However, there are many factors you want to consider first.

Having a thick, green lawn is the ideal look for any yard, especially if you enjoy having company over and spend time outdoors. To get that perfect lawn though, it requires quite a bit of time, work, and even money. For some, going through all of that themselves isn’t worth it. Other people though, they would rather take on the challenge themselves.

If you’re deciding between hiring a lawn care service or taking on the job yourself, we have four factors you’ll want to consider first.


How Much Time Do You Have?

One of the biggest factors is time. It’s no secret that having a healthy, lush, and bright green yard doesn’t happen overnight. It takes quite a bit of time throughout the week, even every day in some circumstances, to achieve the look you want.

A lawn care service provider takes away the time commitment that you need to do it yourself. However, you typically have to work around their schedule rather than the other way around.

Cost Differences

No matter which you decide on, you’ll have to spend money to take care of your lawn. By doing it yourself, you can usually save money. Although you do have to buy the products, you don’t have to pay for the labor. The equipment, though, that can get expensive very quickly.

A lawn care service has everything they need to do the job. All you have to do is pay one bill. Expect for that bill to be larger than what it would cost yourself since you do have to pay for them to do the work.

The Size of Your Yard

If you have a massive yard, you know that it will take you more time each lawn maintenance day. That means less time to do other stuff and more money spent on products. For larger yards, a lawn care service provider may be the better option, as they’re likely trained to be very efficient with the job.

The size of your yard will also dictate the price since it requires more work, as indicated by Wikilawn Lawn Care of Dallas’ pricing table. For example, a 1/82 acre in Orlando, Florida costs twice as much to have it mowed weekly than it would for 1/8 acre ($34.40 vs $72.59). If you can afford to pay someone to cut your 1/2 each week, then maybe hiring someone works for you. For those that cannot, then DIY lawn care is likely your option.

What Work You Need

You don’t have to hire a lawn care service for every aspect of your lawn maintenance. Depending on the work needed, it may work better to hire someone, then do the rest yourself.

For example, if you need to aerate the grass, hiring someone would be beneficial if you’ve never done it before. As for cutting the lawn, that could be something you take care of.

Deciding on if you should hire a lawn care service or do it yourself will come down to the price, time commitment, what you need done, the size of your yard, and other factors. Request a quote before hiring, and compare the costs versus doing it yourself.

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