Essential Living Room Design Tips For Busy Stay At Home Moms


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It can be really difficult to make your home look good when there’s a baby around the place. For the first few years your day is spent holding them, cleaning them and cooking for them, and after that, things become even more troublesome when you have to spend all your time cleaning up their mess. Still, all mothers love their kids and so they’re happy to take on the task. That said; sometimes we all want our living rooms to look appealing, as this is where we try to relax once the little ones are asleep. So, if you’re interested in learning about some of the things you might consider doing to make your downstairs space exhibit slightly more style, read on…


Over the next couple of paragraphs, I’m going to highlight some essential yet simple tips that are guaranteed to suit busy stay at home moms. I realize completely that you just want to sit down and relax at the end of a long day looking after the kids, but you deserve to do this in an attractive room that reflects your personality and individual tastes. Here’s how you can achieve that without going to too much effort.


Considering Lighting Options


After a long hard day, the chances of you wanting to chill out in a brightly lit room are pretty slim, right? This is why you’ll need to purchase a dimmer switch or another device that limits the amount of light your bulbs put out. Also, you might consider picking up some tall lamps that can be placed on the floor in the corners of your room. That way; you’ll be able to turn the big light off all together and create a more comfortable atmosphere.


Choosing The Ideal  Flooring


Let’s face it, with the kids around it’s probably best you avoid carpet and opt for laminate throughout the entire house. However, this can be a little cold underfoot, and so you’ll need to find some nice thick rugs to ensure your feet stay warm, and you don’t experience any discomfort when sat on the sofa. I recommend doing this over laying carpet because the rugs can be washed if your child spills paint all over them, and this is much more difficult to achieve with a permanently fixed material.


Purchasing Strong Surfaces


No matter what your living room currently looks like, you’ll probably need to buy some kind of coffee table if you don’t want newspapers and magazines all over the floor. It’s probably best you buy a good quality glass topped piece because these are simple to clean, and replacement glass is easy to come by should any accidents occur. On top of this, you might consider purchasing a mantelpiece or fire surrounding if you don’t currently own one, as these provide a great surface on which to display family photos and a clock.


Of course, you might also like to paint the room in a calming colour like red or blue, as this will encourage the kids to refrain from becoming too hyperactive after wolfing down all those sweets. I hope you’ve found this article to be helpful, and I hope it has provided some great ideas to keep you busy over the next few months.


Remember, though the kids are important, it’s not always about them.


See you next time!

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